Your Numerology Forecast: Challenging and Complex

April 25-May 1, 2011

This week may be challenging and complex, but in exchange it offers a very rare opportunity to journey uninterrupted through the inner reaches of the cosmos, to boldly go into areas of the psyche and spiritual realms which are normally closed to our conscious minds.

The possibilities could seem confusing and stressful when you’re focused in an everyday mindset, but the unusual astrology can open doors to information, insights and spiritual mysteries which are normally inaccessible. If you can, make the time to step through the Void of Course moon opening into inner space which begins at 4:28 am PDT on Tuesday, April 26 and continues, more or less uninterrupted, through 10:33 am Friday, April 29, a period of more than three full days.

Monday – The companionable, caring nature of this Universal 6 Day could go a long way toward offsetting building astrological tension and the crazy-making effect of mental Mercury’s recent return to forward motion. This is the only full weekday which is uninterrupted by the astrological “black hole” known as a Void of Course moon, so make the most of it.

Tuesday – Fortunately the laser focus and depth intelligence of this Universal 7 Day flows easily with the inner-directed influence of the all-day Void of Course moon, and can use the tension between Venus (love and values) and Pluto (transformation) as fuel for penetrating insights.

Wednesday – You have just a few hours today in which to apply the purposeful, systematic energies of this Universal 8 Day, and you may have to contend with emotional eruptions while you’re at it. Then, at 12:53 pm PDT the moon enters a Void of Course journey which will last until 10:33 am PDT on Friday – two days from now! A harmonious connection between the sun (self-realization) and Pluto (transformation) will help you focus and direct your inner journeys, as well as understand the feelings, symbols and insights which emerge.

Thursday – The compassionate, visionary energies of this Universal 9 Day work well with the day’s Void of Course moon.

Friday – You can get back to work with a vengeance after 10:33 am PDT! Not only are you energized by a Universal 1 Day, but the moon has joined other planets in adventurous Aries. With active Mars joining expansive Jupiter, and Venus cooperating with disciplined Saturn, a little effort will go a very long way today.

Saturday – Another Void of Course moon, from 8:20 am to 10:58 pm PDT, plus the sweetly relationship-oriented influence of this Universal 2 Day mean it’s time to let go and focus within.

Sunday – This is a breakthrough day! Not only does the seasonal festival of Beltane encourage you to be fruitful and multiply, but you’ll also benefit from the springy, zingy energies of the week’s second Universal 1 Day. Gather up the week’s buildup of ideas, emotions and energy and go for it!

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