Your Numerology Forecast for April 18-24, 2011

Remove What’s Blocking You

In spite of the probable chaos resulting from mental Mercury’s final week of retrograde motion, and the combative encounters between aggressive Mars, stern, controlling Saturn and topsy-turvy Mercury on Monday and Tuesday, this is still the best week this month for making headway professionally.

More than anything, April’s combination of Universal 8 Month and Universal 4 Year wants to make real, measurable progress. It’s been an uphill struggle all month, but the complex and tricky energies coming next week will make what’s happened so far seem easy.

So, if you have anything important which needs to happen before the end of April, get it done this week. Since Mercury is retrograde until early Saturday morning, you’ll need to double and triple check all communications and agreements, and will probably encounter repeated glitches. But the 8/4 combination offers focus, resolution and mastery of detail for you to access as you plow through obstacles and distractions.

And with Venus joining Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in an action-oriented Aries free-for-all, you should be able to easily find all the energy you need to plow through any road blocks, as long as your goals are clear. Just avoid setting anything in cement till next Friday.

Monday – The pressure-cooker faceoff between dynamic Mars and restrictive Saturn can either trigger explosions or enable you to find the discipline you need to harness the week’s bold energies to accomplish a great deal. Executive 8’s resolute style could make all the difference.

Tuesday – Count to 10 before reacting, because yesterday’s testy energies continue. The calming, visionary influence of this Universal 9 Day should help.

Wednesday – Today’s eager, innovative Universal 1 energies will be stabilized by the Sun’s entry into earthy Taurus at 3:18 am PDT. This grounding influence should be very welcome during the next 10 days. Venus’ move to Aries adds zest and originality.

Thursday – As much as possible, defer beginning, deciding or agreeing to anything until tomorrow. And if you can put off formal agreements until next Friday, it’s even better. The all-day Void of Course Moon makes it more profitable to focus inward, and the dreamy, compassionate influence of the Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) means that visions are effortlessly easy and relationships can prosper.

Friday – Today’s creative sparkle, courtesy of the day’s Universal 3 vibration, is enhanced with some surprising connections, attractions and ingenious ideas, courtesy of a close encounter between harmonious Venus and outrageous Uranus.

Saturday – The transformational influence of this Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) Day is energized by communicative Mercury’s shift to forward motion early this morning. These shifts normally bring suppressed information and feelings to the surface. Today you can use the information to envision useful changes.

Sunday – Today’s Easter theme of rebirth and resurrection is supported by Karma Number 14/5, which at its best can propel you into a transformed future which you have constructed from your own unique vision and abilities.

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