Your Numerology Forecast: Practicality and Sweetness

February 14 – 20, 2011

This Valentine’s will be an interesting mix of practicality and sweetness, with a bit of the bittersweet thrown in.

Much of the practicality and sweetness comes from the combination of a 6 Universal Month and a 4 Universal year. The combination of 6 and 4 is happiest with comfort, security, calm, order and predictability, which means this year you’re more likely to be quietly asked for a deeper commitment than wooed with an extravagantly romantic gesture.

The Valentine’s Day astrology adds two elements. First, the tendency toward practicality is enhanced by a cooperative encounter between Mercury (mind) and Saturn (responsibility).

A second, subtler influence is in effect late Sunday and early Monday (Pacific Time) when the Moon in deep-feeling Cancer moves over the place where Venus (love, values) and Pluto (profound transformation) met last week, and then goes on to have its own encounters with Venus and Pluto, possibly bringing very sensitive, hidden material into the light of day.

Add the sweet, caring and spiritual influence of Monday’s Master Number Universal 11/2 (1+1=2) Day numerology, and it means that whatever comes to light can be healed to create deep, emotional wisdom. While the effect of a Master Number on Universal Days and Months isn’t as powerful as it is when it appears in your personal numerology, it is an influence you can reach for and access if you’re aware of it.

Monday – Happy Valentine’s! It’s such an interesting day for both numerology and astrology that we detailed it in the introduction above.

Tuesday – Creative, sociable 3 makes it a day to relax and enjoy yourself. If you take 3’s advice at work, and approach presentations, projects and co-workers with a 3 attitude, you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish!

Wednesday – Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) means you can make changes today with some success, because it encourages you to apply your unique ingenuity and creativity to build dependable structures and systems.

Thursday – While this Universal 5 Day may make you impatient with outmoded thinking, be careful. A close encounter between the Sun (self) and Neptune (spirituality and deception) could mean you’re not seeing things clearly.

Friday – This nurturing Universal 6 Day is illuminated by a positive, cheerful Full Moon in Leo. Don’t let a clash between Venus and Saturn get you down; tend to what you love and you’ll feel better!

Saturday – The influence of Neptune strengthens today and over the next several days as the Sun moves into Neptune-ruled Pisces. Neptune’s fuzzy idealism may cause some frustration during normally clear-headed Universal 7 Day.

Sunday – You may find yourself with your foot on the gas but headed in the wrong direction during this Universal 8 Day. After a flash of temper over a misunderstanding, 8’s drive to achieve may be thwarted as Mars (ego, will) and Mercury (mind) move ever closer to encounters with dreamy Neptune in the late afternoon Pacific Time.

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