Your Numerology Forecast: Pretty Tricky

April 11-17, 2011

This week is pretty tricky, and you’ll want to be vigilant as you make the most of of this Universal 8 Month’s executive style, while also carefully picking your way through the energy sinkholes created by the unusually long Void of Course (V/C) moon periods occurring throughout the month.

In the meantime, the powerhouse style of this 8 Month can be productive and very inspiring for just about everyone. It just requires a bit more planning and careful maneuvering than 8 usually likes to employ, but have no fear! 8 is a master tactician and strategist, so as long as you keep track of the V/C Moons, you should do well.

If you have a name and/or birthdate numbers 2, 4, 6, 9, 11 and 22, you’ll be very comfortable working with the 8 influence. 1, 3, 5, and other 8s will have to first work out who’s in charge, and then will find smooth sailing. If 7s and 8s just agree to disagree (and remember it), they should be fine when it all shakes out.

Monday – It’s a strange day, starting with the black-hole influence of a V/C Moon (intro) lasting from 5:05 am to 8:37 pm PDT. The influence of this, along with today’s single-minded Universal 1 Day energy, could be frustrating. Combined with the conflict between ego-driven Mars and powerbroker Pluto, and the tag-team action of Mercury (mind) and Jupiter (luck and expansion), you probably feel like you know everything, and should be in charge. However, chances are excellent that today you’re wrong, so play it cool.

Tuesday – The day’s quiet, diplomatic Universal 2 energy might seem more appropriate for one of the week’s V/C Moon days, but actually it could be just what everyone needs to soothe and resolve yesterday’s conflicts.

Wednesday – If everyone can defer this Universal 3 Day’s urge to socialize, and instead use its charm and creativity for some hard work until 12:58 pm PDT, then you can use the V/C Moon period till 11:39 pm PDT to party or play.

Thursday – There’s a transformational undertone to today’s Universal 4 energy, so you can either take full advantage of the lack of V/C Moon interruptions to power through details, or you can use the karmic 13/4 (1+3=4) vibe to create new structures.

Friday – Once again, there’s half a day available for productive efforts, followed by V/C Moon’s influence from 1:49 to 11:59 pm PDT. The fact that the day is influenced by free spirit 5 suggests that including brainstorming in the morning’s plan is smart.

Saturday – You wouldn’t be “wasting” this V/C Moon-free day if you devote your considerable 6 Day energy and devotion to home, friends, family and community. The influence of tomorrow night’s Full Moon in relationship-oriented Libra helps everyone feel the love.

Sunday – Curmudgeonly 7 might want time alone to think, but the Libra Full Moon’s lovely light should draw everyone out to celebrate important relationships.

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