Your Numerology Forecast: Get Back to the Grind

In the Northern Hemisphere, September marks the end of summer and time to get back to the old grind. However, this September gives us the opportunity to take a new look at that tradition. September is a 3 Universal Month, but with a twist.

Universal months are calculated by adding the month and year, which in this case is 9+2+0+1+0, which equals 12. Typically you then add the 1 and 2 to show that September is a 3 month, but students of Tarot will recognize 12 as representing one of the most interesting and misunderstood Major Arcana cards, The Hanged Man.

Using Tarot connections to help interpret numerology adds a dynamic new dimension! For example, The Hanged Man is about surrendering to circumstances beyond your control, but he also teaches that by turning things upside down, by messing with the way you usually interpret events, you can get a new lease on life.

The astrological intensity of recent months shook us to our foundations, both individually and collectively. September’s alignment with The Hanged Man encourages us to use that resonance to change our perceptions about what’s inevitable in our lives. This opens the door to even more of our 3 Month and Year’s ability to effortlessly attract creativity, abundance and joy. If you want to derail your assumptions during September (with the able assistance of Mercury retrograde), get the perennially popular Creative Whack Pack by Roger Van Oech, pull a card a day, and let the outrageous suggestions blow your mind!

Monday: Karma Number 14/5 invites you to expand your horizons by questioning reality and by carefully examining your inner and outer structures for flaws, or even secret doorways leading to new worlds.

Tuesday: This Universal 6 Day is about gathering. 6 wants to gather friends, family and community and let togetherness amplify everyone’s ability to see to the wellbeing, not just of those close to us, but for all inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Wednesday: September begins with a grounded, practical Universal 4 Day. But don’t let 4’s apparent stodginess cause you to ignore its secret powers. 4 understands systems, energy flow and how form affects function more than any other number. Use those powers today.

Thursday: The second 5 day this week is lighter of heart because it lacks the Karmic vibration. 5 encourages you to throw off obligations and sail to vast horizons, even if it’s only in your mind.

Friday: A combination of the week’s second 6 Day and the Moon in Cancer can be really cozy. Good food, good friends, shared projects and activities, and giving from the heart will bring your work week to a lovely, congenial close.

Saturday: A dreamy, romantic connection between Venus (love) and Neptune (fantasy and imagination) means you’d probably rather ignore what the incisive intelligence of this 7 Day points out to you, but don’t. Blend differing viewpoints instead.

Sunday: Apply this 8 Day’s far-reaching talent for action and analysis to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clutter that tends to collect during a Mercury retrograde, and then take a well-earned rest tomorrow!

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