Your Numerology Forecast: Thinking, Action and New Beginnings

It’s the final week of the most opportunity-filled month of the year numerologically. Our Universal 1 Month has encouraged innovative thinking, daring action, and new beginnings, and you have through Saturday to take full advantage of the remaining breakthrough energies.

Monday also represents the final peak of an intense transformational process that began in November 2008, the dance of Saturn (the taskmaster) and Uranus (the lightning bolt). While this final opposition will continue to wind down for a couple of weeks, it’s at its most intense and disruptive early this week, and with the astrological energy going every which way, it’s creating plenty of chaos and tension.

For those of you with a Personal, Destiny or Life Path number of 4, 6, 8, 11, or 22, you can look forward to benefiting during the Universal Month beginning Sunday, as Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) opens the door to a time of tact, diplomacy, cooperation, and visionary reform.

Monday: With the intense astrology and the influence of this Universal 9 Day, long-term challenges and confrontations can be brought to resounding and successful conclusion. Don’t let a little mental fuzziness distract you from putting everything you’ve got into this powerful moment!

Tuesday: You can double your fun with this Universal 1 Day, which dramatically increases the enthusiasm and drive inherent in this 1 Month. To take advantage of the biggest new-opportunity day to occur until next year, think on your feet and go for the gold.

Wednesday: Tenderness, sensitivity, and cooperation spread a gentle aura over a pretty disruptive week, so mend emotional fences, make connections, and let the visionary, intuitive magic of Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) bring you back to balance.

Thursday: Burn off some of the week’s tension by doing what this Universal 3 Day does best, giving full rein to artful communication, creative imagination, and enjoying life! Dining, dancing, partying, shopping, and exercising charm and social graces all are especially attractive today as Mars (self, ego, and action) moves into Libra, the sign of beauty and balanced relationships.

Friday & Saturday: These two days will be pretty intense, as Karma Numbers 13/4 (Friday) and 14/5 (Saturday) team up, while Mars (ego, action, aggression) confronts Saturn-Uranus to create fertile ground for profound transformation. While this week may seem pretty grueling, if you stay focused and resolute, you can manifest changes and opportunities that may resonate through the rest of your life.

Sunday: Finally! You’ve made it through a pretty demanding week, and it’s time to use the gift of another sociable, charming Universal 3 Day to mend fences using 3’s particular gift for communications. Then be sure to take time out for pleasure.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal and describes trends and energies that affect everyone. To discover your Personal Day, Month and Year, read “What’s Your Power Number?”.

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