Your Numerology Forecast: Completion

This week introduces the year’s only 9 Universal Month on Tuesday. Because 9 is the end of the numerology cycle, it symbolizes not only completion, but the wisdom, compassion and generosity that can be attained through a life lived with spiritual consciousness.

9 is about Universal Love, service to humanity, and the realization of the brotherhood of all humanity. It also represents our last earthly lesson — forgiveness. During a 9 month, tolerance rules, issues of justice and social responsibility receive more attention, and people tend to feel things more deeply than usual. 9 Months are particularly supportive for 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11 and 22. However, all numbers are at least fairly comfortable and effective when paired with 9, so it’ll be a good month for everyone, as long as you’re primarily focused on 9’s tasks.

This week is also interesting astrologically. The heaviness of Saturn remains from last week, and Neptune (dreams, spirituality and deception) is especially powerful as it stands still in the sky Monday before moving backward (retrograde). Also, it teams up for a frustrating experience with dynamic Mars on Friday. Beginning Sunday, the energy will start building up to the first meeting of Jupiter (expansion, luck and philosophy) and Uranus (freedom, invention, shocking developments) in Aries (ego, action, adventure) on the 8th.

Monday – On this last day of the Universal 8 Month, you’re invited to set aside striving (since Neptune would probably send you off in the wrong direction anyway) and relax into the sociable, creative atmosphere of this 3 Universal day.

Tuesday – The energies of this 9 Universal Month sweep into the picture riding the coattails of an action-oriented, ingenious Universal 1 Day. Time to start some humanitarian projects.

Wednesday – The visionary and service-oriented impulses of this Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) Day work powerfully with the 9 Month’s spiritual consciousness and pragmatic goals.

Thursday – There’s immense creative potential in today’s combination of a 3 Day during a 9 Month in a 3 Year. The presence of this 9 Month will help focus 3 and lift its gaze to higher goals.

Friday – This practical, energetic 4 Day may have some trouble getting off the ground as the clash between action-oriented Mars and dreamy Neptune throws out some pretty muddled energy.

Saturday – The far-horizon focus and out of the box thinking of this 5 Day is boosted by the presence of Uranus in Aries and Jupiter edging into the same sign late in the day (see introduction).

Sunday – Even though you normally want to laze around the house on 6 Days, there’s just too much going on to sit still! With Jupiter and Uranus in Aries (see introduction) and Mars (action, will) moving into detail-oriented Virgo, you might as well give in and get busy!

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