Your Numerology Forecast: A Meeting of Spiritual Masters

Our Sun (self and Self) and the planet Venus (value systems, relationship style, the experience of beauty and abundance) are each having a series of very serious meetings with every one of astrology’s spiritual masters this week. The Sun’s meetings are mostly friendly and supportive, Venus’ meetings are more challenging.

Prepare to have your perceptions, values and priorities shaken up almost every day as a result, reaching a peak when Jupiter (philosophy, opportunity, expansion) and Saturn (responsibility, restriction, rules of order) face off on Saturday at the very end of the signs of Pisces and Virgo. This marks the completion of an important cycle. Even better news, the Saturn-Jupiter opposition should signal the beginning of true economic improvement.

The week’s numerology, supported by this dynamic, achievement-oriented 8 Universal Month, steps in each day to provide important grounding and focus to help you make the most of the week’s planetary activity.

Monday – Deep thought and penetrating insights are the hallmarks of this 7 Day. If you haven’t already reexamined contracts, communications and decisions made during Mercury retrograde, today’s a perfect time to do so.

Tuesday – Today’s combination of fluid, beneficial astrology and the power and authority of a combined 8 Day in an 8 Month means you can move mountains without breaking a sweat. But act quickly, because the rest of the week is loaded with distractions.

Wednesday – Deeply compassionate and spiritual 9 rules the day, equipping you to tuck insights from the day’s challenging astrology into your innermost being, letting the wisdom act as seeds of a transformed future.

Thursday – This high energy day is an irresistible combination of the peak manifestation 8 Month, an exuberant, let’s-start-something-new-today Universal 1 Day, and the transition of the Sun into multitasking Gemini. Turn on your afterburners and shoot for the moon.

Friday – Like an unexpected eddy in a rushing river, this introspective, spiritual 11/2 (1+1=2) Day invites you to look within and explore the new dreams and desires arising from the week’s insights.

Saturday – This 3 Universal Day is ready to party, aided and abetted by Jupiter’s joyful presence. Rather than letting Saturn’s dour presence be a party pooper, celebrate the beginning of the end of a restrictive economic cycle, and treat yourself to visions of a different kind of future based on new and refurbished spiritual, philosophical and economic values.

Sunday – Venus’ final meeting of the week’s cycle is with Pluto (deep transformation), encouraging a laser-like examination of your shifting and growing values and dreams. Let the wisdom of this 13/4 Karma Day (1+3=4) help you identify what still needs to be rebuilt in order to properly house your future.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal rather than Personal. It describes trends and energies that affect everyone. To learn how to calculate your Personal year, month and day, consult this guide (scroll to the bottom of the linked page).

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