Your Numerology Forecast: Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year

The biggest excitement this week will be Sunday’s celebration of both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger. Big, bold, outrageous Metal Tiger feels right at home in this 5 Universal Month, and will add plenty of drama and surprise during our 3 Universal Year. Astrologically, Neptune’s influence is strong this week, adding either deep spirituality or mental fuzziness (or both). Saturday also marks a profound and healing New Moon, which connects directly with the ongoing interaction between Neptune (spirituality) and Chiron (healing), presenting the opportunity to initiate a powerful new phase of transformation.

Week of February 8 – 14, 2010

Monday – Today’s 4 energies will have a little trouble gathering the focus necessary for 4’s usual efficiency. Leftovers from yesterday’s Venus/Neptune connection mean you could prefer daydreaming about true love.

Tuesday – This 5 Day, combined with a 5 Month, doubles your opportunity to successfully promote just about anything, and to introduce new ideas that will lead to sweeping changes.

Wednesday – Since our 5 Month loves change, any 6 Day this month is an excellent time to browse new neighborhoods with the idea of possibly changing residence.

Thursday – Spiritual values come to the forefront on this contemplative 7 Day, as Venus moves into Pisces for a few weeks. 7’s mental focus can penetrate Piscean dreams to discover the gold within.

Friday – Any ground you lost daydreaming on Monday can be regained, and then some, on this 8 Day. 8’s high-octane focus, combined with a beneficial connection between Mercury (mind) and Saturn (structure) today, provides plenty of fuel for real accomplishment.

Saturday – The humanitarian energies of this 9 Day are a perfect accompaniment for the sensitive and magical New Moon and its connection to the spiritually healing interaction of Neptune and Chiron.

Sunday – The initiatory spark provided by this 1 Day rolls out the red carpet for Valentine’s Day fun and intensity, as well as introducing the yearlong reign of the Chinese sign of the Metal Tiger. Chinese tradition says to wear fire-engine red and set off sparklers and firecrackers to welcome the Tiger’s scorching presence.

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