Your Numerology Forecast: Change of Direction

Thank goodness Mercury finally turned direct last Friday. Even though the first few days following Mercury’s change of direction can still be a bit chaotic, two things should help us get the dust settled more quickly than usual. First, we’re in a grounded, organized 4 Universal Month. Then, this week we are supported by helpful astro-connections from Venus and the Sun to planet Saturn, the king of organization and structure. All they need is your conscious cooperation to put the past messy weeks far behind us.

January 18 – 24, 2010

Monday – We begin the week with Karmic Number Day 13/4 (1 +3 = 4). Karmic Number Days have been unusual so far in 2010. The energy of 13/4 is similar to that of the Tarot card called Death, whose number in the Major Arcana happens to be XIII, or 13. As you know, it’s not actually about death, but rather about “getting down to the bones” of your life, discovering what structures are important to your well being, and letting the rest go. This is a useful meditation for today.

Tuesday – Far horizons, change and originality are watchwords for this 5 Day, fitting right in with yesterday’s entry of Venus — and now the Sun — into the sign Aquarius. Let loose the bonds of your mind and heart.

Wednesday – Any Universal 6 Day is about honoring and participating in communities — the communities where you live, where you work, where you play and the larger global community of which we all are a part.

Thursday – How can you best use the brainiac energies of this 7 Universal Day? Study, analysis and brainstorming are favored, and the more room you make for thinking, the more you’ll accomplish.

Friday – With the Mercury retrograde far behind you, use this Universal 8 Day to gather and direct scattered energies, staff members and project components to really get something done.

Saturday – This Universal 9 Day can bring out the philosopher in everyone. 9 Days open mental pathways to universal truths and humanitarian visions, which are the seeds of the future, whether that future is next week or decades from now.

Sunday – It’ll be hard to goof off today, because a Universal 10/1 Day (1 + 0 = 1) is all about revving your engines and blasting out of the starting gate. Can’t you just hear the sound of opportunity knocking, waiting for you to open the door to new creations and enterprises?

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