Your Numerology Forecast: Master Number

You may think that the magic of the mid-month 11-11-11=33 date is over, but it’s not (the first one happened on November 11, 2009, with 2009 “reduced” by adding 2+9=11). Although dates adding up to the Master Number 33 are very rare, and won’t repeat after this month until the year 2017, you’ll have a second chance to tune into the vibes and visions this Sunday the 29th (2+9=11, so 11-29-2009 is 11-11-11=33 again!).

The essence of 33 is connection, 6’s (3+3=6) passionate commitment to home, family and community raised to a global and universal level. Since this is an 11 year, and we have an 11 President and Vice President, and this 33 Master Number is built on a tripod of 11’s, look for visions of personal, national, and global unification and healing to take major steps toward reality!

Monday – This 9 day is about completion and humanitarian actions, and sets the tone for a week of sweeping, powerful energies that carry forward the spark ignited by Saturn-Pluto on the 15th.

Tuesday – This 10/1 day is the banana peel that zips you out of an old phase and into a new one. To avoid pratfalls, stay centered and be ready to tap dance.

Wednesday – This 11/2 Master Number day encourages you to go within, find the silence and space, and make room for the visions to come Sunday.

Thursday – Today’s 3 vibration clears a 24-hour space is this powerful week for some lighthearted fun. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we get back to work.

Friday – The power of this 13/4 Karma Number day lies in 4’s devotion to structure; your beliefs are the structure of your present moment. Change them, change your future.

Saturday – Another Karma Number, 14/5, lights the fires of transformation to fuel tomorrow’s enlightened actions.

Sunday – This is it! The last 11-11-11=33 day until 2017! Read this week’s introduction for ideas about its highest and best use.

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