Your Weekly Money Horoscope for October 7 – 13, 2013

This Week in Your Money

On October 7, Venus moves into carefree and social Sagittarius and she doesn’t want to stay at home on the couch. Be careful not to let a free-spirit do some free-spending!

Cosmic Coupling

On Tuesday, money-minded Mercury will merge powers with karmic Saturn in Scorpio. Because Saturn is involved, something may seem “meant to be” but if it really is, it can also wait. Scorpio’s influence suggests that you may not have all the facts yet.

On Saturday, the Libra Sun squares financially-savvy Jupiter. This means it’s a good day to empty your wallet of any leftover gift cards if you feel like indulging yourself a little. Just don’t dip into resources needed elsewhere.

Now let’s look at you money horoscope for the week:


Something money-related comes to your attention. Be sure to check statements and portfolios. If possible, make any needed changes in mid-November, but definitely deal with what can’t wait.

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Venus enters your house of partnership. This means that you and a partner may be discussing financial issues. It bears repeating—put off money decisions for now if possible.


Mercury, your ruler, is in your house of daily work and reputation. Why not entertain offers of employment if they arise, before and after the retrograde this month?


When Venus enters your house of reputation on the 7th, you’ll start seeing a rise in popularity for your skills and creativity, which could give your income a nice boost.


This is a great week to set the budget for the days ahead, as boring as that sounds. Mars will enter your house of money earned and spent next week and you’ll want to have a plan on hand.

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Venus moves into your house of home and family on the 7th. If you can make your home a castle without emptying the kingdom’s coffers, then by all means do it.


Your money horoscope suggests that you check your bank and credit card statements and if something needs fixing, make it happen.


Enjoy the money-making ideas that come to your mind while Mercury is in your sign—that is until it goes retrograde on October 21.


Venus enters your sign on Monday, Sagittarius, so congratulations. You’ll enjoy the attention and if wise, you’ll use it to advance your money plans which could come alive next month.


You’re not in a state of limbo, you’ve just got Venus in your 12th house. Your money horoscope suggests that you write down some of those brilliant ideas so you can cash in on them later.

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After Monday, accept all invitations from friends and coworkers. If you do, you could meet someone who advances your career aspirations or totally changes your financial life. Anything’s possible.


In your money horoscope, Venus lends a big boost to your career house and you’ll be sought after for your talents. You’ll also be able to name your price, within reason.

16 thoughts on “Your Weekly Money Horoscope for October 7 – 13, 2013

  1. c.wright.thru.u.

    I AM blessing, praising, grateful, appreciating and loving ALL amounts of money, assets, wealth, abundance, prosperity, riches and affluence infinitely and eternally, NOW and always for ALL.

  2. Lourdes

    I want to go out in my financial problem.. How could i had some extra income to coup up with my financial problem????????

  3. L.A.

    This is most devestating to see so many people including me havin to deal with this economy. I voted for change, but this isn’t what anyone thought it would be! Where are the money Gods when ya need em! lol Keep the faith that all will get better everybody! And a psychic just might help us with that faith! 🙂

  4. trezabean

    Please have faith Walter, believe in positive things n ask the universe to help you achieve them. The law of attraction will help you. Good luck

  5. walter sdrenka

    How come despite all my best efforts I can’t get a job and make money? I can’t find true love evee and my soul mate, I can’t support and give my children a home??? My lide is in this limbo its killing me!


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