Your Money Forecast for August 2012

What’s in the Stars?

A little bit of lunacy prevails this month with two full moons and a new moon right in the middle. Venus and Mars move into water signs on the 7th and 23rd (avoid emotional spending) and, most importantly, Mercury goes direct again on August 8.


From August 7 through September 6, Venus will be in your fourth solar house, ruled by Cancer. Your intuition and emotion play a big part in all your money decisions especially related to your home. Just don’t break the bank.


With the full Moon on August 1 and Jupiter in Gemini forming a pleasant angle to your career area, your money forecast looks bright as a penny, but worth much more.


On August 7, Venus moves into your second solar house, representing money earned. Wait until Mercury goes direct on the 8th before spending resumes. Jupiter, the lucky planet, is in your sign through June 2013.


You have a big month in August with three major lunations and Mercury moving forward almost simultaneously to Venus’ entry into your Sun sign. After the 8th, finances finally pick up.


When Mercury goes direct in your sign, finances start to look up and everything starts looking better through August. On the 31st, Mercury moves into your financial house and you could benefit financially from creative endeavors.


With Saturn now direct in your money house, you should start to feel more monetarily secure, using cash instead of credit and maybe even putting a little something away for a rainy day.


Mercury in forward motion is good news for you and your money forecast, however, it’s the New Moon on August 17 in your fiery Leo that attracts good things to your life. Also, on August 23 Mars enters your house of earnings; good news that lasts through October 6.


You have a favorable money forecast as Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer on August 7 and on the 8th Mercury goes direct. Also you have the luck of Jupiter in your house of shared resources.

“To see yourself as a success, think about your strengths and the things you are good at.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265


It’s your time for money making after Mercury goes direct. August 23 to October 6, Mars forms a nice angle to your career house. Kick it up a notch at work and the payoff will be great. Don’t waste it.


Once Mercury goes direct, you’re free to move ahead with money—refinancing, getting a mortgage or getting a loan for a business start-up. Once Mars enters Scorpio, it’s all about the mission.


After August 8, your opinion will carry more weight when it comes to financial decisions and negotiations. Also, all your hard work adds to your overall career status and that could translate into a raise.

“Use your intuition to solve tough work issues.” – Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894


Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer on the 7th and after the 23rd Mars moves into Scorpio giving you a fluid way to make your dreams a reality and do what you love to support yourself financially and beyond. Compatible Capricorn lends some stable support.

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  1. Katherine Webster

    @ Heather Johnson Hi Ms. Heather My name is Katherine I wanted to know How did you go about applying for a grant please any information will help I am trying to start my business also.

  2. diane

    my daughter passed away leaving 2 small girls. we never had a problem with their dad. now he is with this girl with 3 kids and she is taking control tring 2 delete us from their lives. its all about her family. do u think the girls dad & yhis women will stay toghether?

  3. Heather Johnson- Raeburn

    I need to know when to start my Soap Spa business and do you think I will get my business grant soon from the government which I have applied for.

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  5. LJ

    Hi Annette – Mars enters Scorpio on the 23rd of August
    Lysyhook – You are a Cancerian for sure and the other sign you should read along with your Sun sign forecast (Cancer) is your Rising Sign which you can find out by knowing your exact time/place of birthday. If you want to get really personal, have a Moon Sign reading done by either a western astrologer or Vedic Astrologer.
    Thanks everyone for your comments and questions. If your questions don’t get answered here, look around the blog for a healthy dose of info through articles or call a gifted psychic – and you’re sure to find the answers you seek.
    Thanks, Love & Starlight,

  6. siosifa

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