Your Mercury Forecast for 2013

Forewarned is Forearmed

It’s time to cover the Mercury Forecast for 2013. The great communicator has a way of turning things upside down when it spins backward in its orbit. Translation? Mercury Retrograde will get you down, throwing all kinds of proverbial forks in the road and wrapping every move we make in red tape. As with all disasters, however (cosmic and otherwise), a little preparation goes a long way toward prevention. Read up on this year’s three Mercury Retrograde cycles (all occurring in water signs, take note!) and maybe your crises can be averted!

2013 Retrograde 1: February 23 – March 17

Thoughts can be clouded already when Mercury is in Pisces—add a Retrograde and mayhem ensues. Emotions are running on high during this time, and stress is particularly hard to cope with. As we all know, sensitive Pisces does have a tendency to wallow. And with all the usual retrograde shenanigans on display (miscommunications, delays and mistakes) it’s particularly easy to take refuge in illusions—or delusions. However, there’s one sure way to avoid that. Want a more detailed forecast for this time period? Talk with astrologer Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625 today!

Foster your spiritual connections.

The message of a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of the fishes is to turn inward—not to our heads, but our hearts and our cores. After all, with so much confusion surrounding practical matters, it’s all we can do to stay sane! Psychic experiences are favored during this time if you remain in touch with your own highest good/deeper purpose. In other words, rather than checking out altogether to avoid the insanity, check into yourself and wait the Retrograde out. You’ll emerge stronger and more capable of following your instincts!

“Astrology reveals your aspirations and goals, talents, hopes and wishes, as well as your challenges en route to your goals.” – Psychic Sonja ext. 5071

2013 Retrograde 2: June 26 – July 20

The standard messages of Mercury Retrograde include not signing contracts, avoiding travel and clarifying communications to the point of obviousness lest you be misunderstood. All of this is true when Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, but the real issue at hand is the underlying source of the mayhem—tumultuous emotions. Ever been to the doctor for a stomach issue that proved stress related? It may just have been Mercury Retrograde in Cancer.

On that note, the message of this transit is to foster your emotional connections—before the Retrograde happens! Doing so will put you in a more solid, stable place with your friends and loved ones so that you’re less likely to question things that need not be questioned and are more able to rely on your gut.

Retrograde 3: October 21 – November 10, 2013

People don’t always say what they mean (or mean what they say) when Mercury is in retrograde. And when the chaotic communicator strikes while in a stinger like Scorpio, it’s not just words that are apt to confuse people—it’s prevailing attitudes! Arrogance and skepticism are on full display—in us and around us. The best solution? To delve deeper. The message of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is transformation.

By turning inward and assessing our historic ways of viewing things, we can begin to see the errors in our thinking. While we may not be capable of changing those patterns while the Retrograde has hold (Nor should we try. Remember, Mercury Retrograde is a time of abstaining from any potentially life changing activities!), when it’s over, we’ll look at things from a fresher, healthier perspective, including how we view ourselves!

“Astrology is a form of a person’s spirit connecting with their life’s destiny for their life path.” – Psychic Vivianne ext. 5489

13 thoughts on “Your Mercury Forecast for 2013

  1. Randy

    I took a terrible blow this morning but there is one constant in all of this. Just like nightmares in the night these to will pass. When things upset my cart as usual I can’t quit. If the grade is to steep just go around. I’m starting to put less stock in this because if this was really on the up and up I would have been high and dry long ago but know its the same old crap every day. they say when one door closes another opens but this has had me stuck in the revolving door so long what is the use.

  2. michele

    Ruth, I have the same question, because I also have Mercury in retrograde in my chart. I would think it would feel more natural when the planet went retrograde. One would also want to consider the house and sign that Mercury was in when they were born, to help determine not which retrograde cycles would impact the individual more than others and how.

  3. arise

    Ruth: A retrograde natal Mercury mostly means you’re introspective and tend to keep your opinions to yourself. You may have been shy during your early years. You may have had dyslexia or another learning disability. Some cases I’ve seen, although they were quite intelligent people, didn’t speak at all until they were well into the toddler stage. You probably grew past these issues by early adulthood, if not sooner.

  4. ruth


  5. Rose Ann Farese

    I think it is good advice forewarned is forearmed! I always trust my gut and so far it hasn’t led me atstray Love is all you need

  6. Mystic

    Perhaps, Joshua, because it retrograded in my sign last year and will retrograde in others’ next year and so on! We are all in this together, sweet friend. 😉 Heads up and blessings to al!

  7. sathya

    thank you very much for the forecast and preventive recommendations given by you, yes, i will follow your guidance.

  8. ghulam-murtaza

    u r requested please provide me a pathway which i can adopt and flow easily .with out facing any obstruction,special in my runing job.thanks.bye ghulam murtaza,with full regards,thanks


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