Your May 2016 Money Horoscope: Slow Money

Slow Money

A Down-to-Earth Approach to Managing Your Money

All planets in Earth signs dominate the month of May including a very friendly New Moon in Taurus on the 6th which will conjunct with Mercury retrograde. It will slow progress in financial matters in the first week of your money horoscope, but will not grind them to a halt.

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Is the Universe Moving Backwards?

With Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all in retrograde at the beginning of May, it may seem as if the whole universe is moving backwards. It’s not! Jupiter and Mercury will turn direct on May 9 and 22, respectively. But the most positive aspect of this money horoscope is Venus in Taurus through the 24th. Venus rules Taurus and both are known for their ability to attract money and they share a love for of the finer things in life. With Venus in Taurus and Mercury in retrograde it would be best to accentuate the positive. Be a saver, not a spender, and you’ll likely end May with a smile.


Lucky you. Having Venus in your money house for most of May is definitely what you want if you’re looking to grow your bank account. Just keep that in mind if you get the urge to spend. While Mercury is in retrograde in fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, leave the credit cards at home and take a hike, literally. You’ll feel renewed without spending a cent.


Your ruling planet, Venus, will be in your sign until the 24th. Take advantage of all the attention she seems to send your way, both personally and professionally. You may receive a few attractive job offers that promise you a boost in income. It’s always worth checking out; just don’t sign on the dotted line while Mercury is still in retrograde. In fact, wait until after the 25th just to be safe.


With Venus in Taurus throughout most of your money horoscope, you may find yourself reconnecting with a passion long-forgotten—one that may prove lucrative today. A partnership or joint venture is also possible at this time, but if there’s an agreement involved (and there should be) just don’t sign it until the end of May.


Use the beginning of May to tackle any spending issues that could use a little more scrutiny or some financial matters you could address in order to ease stress around money overall. If you sweep it under the rug, the issues will just show up again at the end of the month demanding attention.


Venus is in your career house through the 24th, but on the 10th she mingles with Jupiter in your house of money. If you’ve been waiting for a little financial recognition for all the hard work you’ve done and haven’t seen it so far, then chances are you’ll see it this month. Jupiter and Venus both love to give gifts.


When Venus enters Gemini on the 24th, your ability to convince higher-ups will be even more influential than usual. Your money horoscope suggests this is your best time to bring up the subject of a raise or promotion, or at least follow up on a conversation you may have started last month. You’ve earned a little recognition.


Your ruling planet, Venus, will be in your house of interpersonal relationships, and in the house that rules your financial involvement with others. Both areas will benefit greatly from Venus in Taurus. Just make sure not to sign any contracts or agreements until after the 22nd when Mercury goes direct, if possible. Use the beginning of the month to research all of your financial options.


Let’s be honest, Scorpio. You can always use a little restraint when it comes to spending money, so if you’ve been thinking of a budget (gulp), then now’s the time. Try to do it before Jupiter tangles with karmic Saturn on the 26th, a day on which you may have to deal with some financially annoying, last-minute surprises. But really, it’s never too late to start saving.


Your money horoscope puts your ruling planet, Jupiter, right in line for some money magic, especially on the 2nd and the 10th. Express your most important financial dreams to the gods of the zodiac. They should send you a favorable reply by way of putting you in front of people who can make things happen for you, financially speaking.


You’ll love your May outlook and all of its earthy energy. Just about every part of your life is in tune as various planets in Taurus connect with the big giver, Jupiter. Enjoy the fun and the possibility of feeling financially fulfilled. One day to lay low, however, is the 26th when your ruler, Saturn, squares Jupiter. But other than that, enjoy your money horoscope.


With spendy Venus in your astrological house governing home and family, you’ll find plenty of beautiful items that seem to belong in your personal space. You really won’t be able to resist the urge to splurge even if means pulling out the plastic and paying for it later. Enjoy yourself without buyer’s remorse. Who could stop you anyway? Just don’t go overboard.


Both personally and professionally you’re enjoying new friendships and new connections. While Venus is in money-magnet Taurus, you can expect more of the same. Work comes through word of mouth recommendations and money seems to flow more easily. Your money horoscope is more than promising.

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  1. Rose

    Slow $. Would I be better off with an accountant to control my $ and give me an allowance……..ya, no way I’m a Scorpio. No one controls anything of mine, not even me most days. Hahahaha

  2. LJ

    Dear Margaret – I hope you won! However, if I had the ability to predict winning numbers so accurately for others, I suppose I would have retired long ago, even if I worked on commission alone. You may have a much better shot, however, asking one of the gifted psychics on – they’re the absolute best of the best.


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