Your May 2016 Chinese Horoscope: Mysterious Landscape

Mysterious Landscape

Stay True to Your Heart and Spirit

As we enter May, this year’s intense dramatic influence is still powerful, but with a more reflective point of view during the earlier days. The Rain Dragon month continues through May 7 and offers a more personal tone.

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The Snake in the Field

After the 7th, the Snake in the Field is the following month’s animal influence. The snake in its situation explains the mysterious landscape that you need to navigate as your life unfolds. Stay true to your heart and the spirit that drives you and you’ll see your dreams begin to unfold. Be sure to check your animal days for your special energetic influence. Here is your Chinese Horoscope!



On the New Moon day of May 6 you’re the Granary Rat, reviewing old experiences and emotions for more self-awareness. This gives you powerful language to reach others. As the Rat on the Crossbeam, balance your intense emotions with your everyday life activities on May 18. You’re a healing force on May 30 as Rat on the Mountain.


May 7 brings an Ox in the Byre day, when you enjoy fun conversation while keeping things friendly and balanced, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Make notes on May 19 as you’re the Ox in the Road, in touch with the magic of the cosmos. You could build something beautiful on May 31 as the Ox by the Gate.


Your dreams and your fears are prominent on May 8 as you are the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. Your logic guides you. May 20 brings a day of intuitive brilliance as the Tiger Crossing the Forest. Relax today, communicating your inspiration when it feels right.


May 9 is the day that you can use your best strategic techniques in all areas of life as the Rabbit in the Burrow. You feel the energy around you, managing it intelligently. Enjoy the romantic and mystical elements on the Full Moon day of May 2 as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest. Surprises are in store.


Your Chinese Horoscope says that romantic feelings are sweet and magical on May 10 as you are the Rain Dragon, even if they’re full of longing. May 22 will be a day of transformation as you are the Dragon in the Whirlpool. You’re offered a new direction in life.


Use the morning of May 11 to plan and lay crucial groundwork on this Snake in the Field day and month. The afternoon/evening offers action opportunities. May 23 is the day to take your time and plan well as the Snake Leaving a Hole. The day after is the action day.


You enjoy sexy, exciting times on May 12 as the Horse in the Clouds. Your spirit feels freer than it has in awhile. Life is thrilling and wild for you as the Traveling Horse on May 24. Communicate well and you could build a solid, long-lasting relationship.


May 1 is a day to recognize your personal power, rather than be swept into group fears as the Sheep in a Flock, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Early morning activities are the most productive on May 13 as you are the Serious Sheep. On May 25 you are the Lost Sheep, involved in your own depths. You’ll use what you discover to reach others.


Mind and spirit over matter is the approach on May 2 as the Tree Monkey. Confusion swirls around you, so stay true to your purpose. On May 14 stay clear-headed as the Mountain Monkey. Your creativity will shine. May 26 is the perfect time to be smart and analytical as the Independent Monkey.


Focus on healthy exercise of the mind and body on May 3, then speak your truth as the Cock Crowing at Noon. The storm has passed on May 15 as you are the Rooster of Solitude. Enjoy some earthy loving. Brilliant ideas are available to you on May 27 as the Cock Pecking for Food.


Focus on the long-term as the Sleeping Dog on May 4, as a major new idea unfolds. You find grounding as the Mountain Dog on May 16, making you steady for afternoon action. Contemplate your life on the morning of May 28 as the Temple Dog for action later in the day.


Your Chinese Horoscope encourages you to take time to enjoy the beauty and pure sexiness of life on May 5. It’s a perfect day to feel good about yourself as the Pig Traversing a Mountain. On May 17, you’ll relax after major excitement as the Monastic Pig. Take care not to overdo it on May 29 as the Farmer Pig. Then you’ll enjoy perfection.

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