Your Mars Retrograde Forecast

Where You’ll Stand When Mars Goes Direct

Mars has been retrograde in Virgo since the end of January, promoting thought before action. When it goes direct on April 13, you can slowly begin to put those ideas into action. Are you ready for a new job, or perhaps a new romance? Let’s see what happens for you when Mars goes direct.

Aries: While retrograde, Mars, your Ruler, asks you not to initiate change in relationships. After Mars goes direct, things start advancing, but slowly. Take your time. Pretty soon things will go the way you wish.

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Taurus: Mars in Virgo is a good influence on your love life. While Mars was in retrograde you may have seen slow progress, but that will change after Mars goes direct. Things just keep getting better.

Gemini: You may have been thinking about your home, possibly moving or renovating your current space. When Mars goes forward, he and Pluto rush friends and VIPs to your aid.

Cancer: Mars retrograde delayed changes in work and/or finances. Once Mars moves forward, you should be ready for action. Freelancers and entrepreneurs, watch the end of April into May for good news.

Leo: Retrograde Mars put the focus on career, and you have friends that want to help. Any delays in the love department were a blessing. Once Mars goes direct you can have your cake and eat it too.

Virgo: Though retrograde Mars may have caused you some delays in romance, finance and/or travel, the Grand Trine helped you. Take it slow and steady, and forward-moving Mars will help you realize your creative dreams.

Libra: Mars retrograde held you back in areas of commitment in either work or love. Delays can be blessings, as you will see. When Mars goes direct, you’ll know how to proceed.

Scorpio: Mars in retrograde could bring a past mentor back into your life who wants to help you succeed. Once Mars moves forward, something you’ve been wishing for may finally come true.

Sagittarius: In March, your ruler, Jupiter, puts emphasis on your work life and even in retrograde, Mars was poised to help you land a great deal. Mars will be even more helpful when it goes direct.

Capricorn: Mars in retrograde made you crave change in the normal routine. When Mars moves forward, things at home should start to settle into a more comfortable place. Get away for a few days or paint the kitchen.

Aquarius: Mars has had its hands in your wallet for quite a while. You’ve been inventive in meeting obligations and unexpected expenses. When Mars goes forward again, your bills may not suddenly disappear, but your chance to get a raise or some type of financial relief should present itself.

Pisces: Mars in retrograde may have caused delays in finances. Either a meeting with the boss kept getting delayed or people that owed you money may have cried broke. Patience wins. When Mars goes direct, things should start looking up.

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  3. Richard

    This is confusing to me. I keep reading on this site that Mars is in Virgo, but when I actually look up at the sky at night, its clearly in Leo–just a little to the east of the star Regulus. It has been moving slowly retrograde through Leo since at least January. Saturn is in Virgo now. Its just a little to the northeast of the star Spica, and has been there for at least a month. It is slowly moving prograde–toward the east of Spica.


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