Your Full Hunter’s Moon Astrology

Your Full Hunter’s Moon Astrology

The Full Hunter’s Moon

This very special Full Hunter’s Moon takes place in the darkness before the dawn on October 27 in California. It’s the third in a series of three “Super Moons” that included the Blood Moon lunar eclipse last month that was such a celebration and viewing opportunity across the Western Hemisphere. These moon events are as magical and mystical as your creative imagination will allow.

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The Celtic New Year

The Full Hunter’s Moon is also known as the annual “blood moon” or “traveler’s moon,” and is tied to the Celtic New Year (the cross-quarter day of Samhain a few days later)—the foundation of our modern Halloween. The night/early morning of the 26th – 27th is a perfect time for dream incubation. You can seek the wisdom of loved ones “on the other side” and seed your dreams to create your future.


You’ve learned so much from adapting to the surprises and upsets of recent years that you can use this Super Moon to seed your dreams to turn those unexpected events into major breakthrough. Your new relationships and improved communications make today a celebration of who you’ve become.


This special Full Hunter’s Moon in your sign is perfect for you to find your powerful, earthy self-expression. Drawing on your depths, you are the ultimate “love-maker,” whether you’re addressing a special relationship or your creative relationship with your audience, clients, friends and customers.

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Because you’re so quick-witted and clever, people are often enchanted by the surface you. Yet, your ruler Mercury’s agility is in his ability to travel between worlds. This Full Hunter’s Moon allows you to go to your inner creative core, hearing the music of the universe to reach deeper, more powerful self-expression.


You inherently express the brilliance of your ancestors while nurturing the future. This has grounded you in unsettling times and with this Full Hunter’s Moon you find new ways to have the ancient wisdom within you heard. The moon always speaks to you in powerful ways.


You’re creating the birthing of a more powerful you. This Full Hunter’s Moon’s “dream seeding” allows you to turn your inspired efforts and ideas into something lucrative. It’s time to (through creative self-expression) have others grasp your value to the future as you guide them through your moon muse.


While you’ve been uncomfortable in the limelight, you’re learning that you’re an excellent communicator and others are eager to learn what you know. This Full Hunter’s Moon of dream incubation offers insights into the direction this new role can take you. You’re a team player—the best kind of leader—so just accept the big offers that come this year.

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This Full Hunter’s Moon revolves around your full expression of your special gift. Having experienced relationship challenges over the past years, you’re discovering a new relationship with yourself and that could be a magical love in itself—a base from which you can love and be loved with ease. Listen to your heart.


This potent Full Hunter’s Moon rises as your Scorpio sun sets, so you are a powerhouse during this period, reaping the benefits of several years of inner and outer work. Your work has new energy to heal old wounds, both within yourself and others, opening doors to whole new world.


You’re building a new, exciting life for yourself, yet much of it is still in that incubation stage within your mind full of idealized plans. This Full Hunter’s Moon is particularly useful for seeking your ancestors and finding direction in your dreams. You’ll find your special gifts come together in this magical state.


This Full Hunter’s Moon brings inner awareness through social contacts and educational pursuits. Listen through your heart to what others have to say and use that to create a new structure that you’ve wanted to put into place in your relationships and your work. The time has come for your dreams to take form.


You are a natural community builder, but you’re about to go into a much greater realm, where you’ll make a huge difference to a larger group. Use this Full Hunter’s Moon to look within/without to see what you’re next creative endeavor should be. You’re up to amazing things.

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This special moon for you is a deeply moving and creative one. Your dreams this evening are out of time and space in a real realm beyond. Use what you hear and record it in your favorite mode. Your creative efforts will move others and your personal charisma will surprise you.

Each sun sign has a “pregnant belly” of creativity at this time that’s looking for an outlet through you. This moon is calling forth your unique talent and special soul-offering—the most fulfilling life that your dreams can bring forth.

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  1. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    Great information, Debbie! I always read both my sun sign (Gemini) and ascendant (Leo) for a more complete picture of upcoming astrological trends and how they will play out in my life and I must say that your interpretations for both signs are spot on with what is happening with me right now.

    Brightest Blessings,


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