Your Christmas 2012 Forecast

Time to Get Out and be Seen

On Christmas Day, Mars enters Aquarius where he’ll be until January 31. With Venus and Mercury both in Sagittarius, powered by the recent New Moon in Sagittarius, travel may well be in the picture. Sagittarius is jovial and loves to get out and about. This works well with Aquarius’ social nature.


With Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in your sign, Christmas looks not only joyful, but also a marvelous time for travel. This energy will last until the 31st. You may be able to mix business with pleasure seamlessly.


Venus, your ruler, and Mercury get a boost just before Christmas from a New Moon all in Sagittarius. You get abundance either financially through other people’s money, or psychically, spiritually or all of the above.


Travel may be in the cards for you this Christmas season, and with Mars entering your fellow air sign Aquarius on Christmas Day. It might be travel of some distance. North Pole, anyone?


Christmas finds you in a dreamy, romantic mood. So a small celebration with a romantic interest would do you good. If you’re single, it will be hard not to flirt, but you’re so good at it.


Like your neighbor Cancer, this can be quite a romantic and flamboyant Christmas for you. Entertaining gives you a chance to show off a little. There’s also a foreign flavor to your taste—go with it.


Your mind is buzzing, your intuition is on target and even your physical body will react to the planets, especially Mars who shifts into Aquarius on Christmas. Love is in the air.


Mid-December to mid-January is a stellar time for you across the board. Your Christmas starts early and lasts beyond, and it’s magical. Get your 2013 forecast by talking with astrologer Psychic Casey ext. 5385.


Your Christmas is filled with a sense of duty to family and business, which isn’t unusual, but this time it’s peppered with renewed feelings of love and romance. A classic Venus and Mars feeling fills your senses.


Make a wish for the coming year on the December 13 New Moon in your sign. On the 15th, Venus enters your sign and stays throughout the holidays making Christmas a time for love and happiness and maybe even a bonus.


Mars enters Aquarius on Christmas Day, and for you that could mean a flush in cash via gifts or more likely, your brain is popping with money-making ideas for the coming year. It’s the kind of day you like.


Mars enters your sign on Christmas Day and fills you with energy to burn. Good thing since the holidays are bound to keep you busy, busy. Whatever happens, just go with the flow and meditate to keep stress levels under wraps.


You are quite persuasive during the Christmas season—more than usual. Your charisma is sharp, and you feel the need to connect either romantically or with friends. You may even be away for Christmas when the need for an adventure calls.

5 thoughts on “Your Christmas 2012 Forecast

  1. meg miller

    The ( adventure), will not happen till June.
    I have heard from my cousin in Ireland , she will visit me in N.E in June of next year, we have not seen each other since we were eight years old, i call that , ( a adventure ).
    Love from a Pisces.

  2. carol

    Why would Sagittarius make a wish December 13 when today is december 24th? Then it says that on the 15th everything is looking good for the holidays. Did the wrong horoscope print for December 24th, 2012?


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