Your Career Horoscope for Spring 2013

For March 20, 2013 – June 21, 2013

There is plenty of planetary action between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. At this point, we’re moving away from Piscean energy into Aries energy in April and Taurean energy in May when they each host a “crown of stars” where several planets merge in one sign—it’s all quite powerful, not to mention rare. Also, of this year’s five eclipses, three of them happen during this time. With all of this planetary action, getting your career forecast done by an astrologer is a good idea, but for now, let’s just cover the basics.


Pluto will be retrograde in your career house beginning April 12 through September 20, and during May the planets that occupied your sign in April will meet up again in Taurus, your house of earned income. All of this spells an interesting time where new career opportunities could arise seemingly out of nowhere.


There’s a Full Moon in your house of daily work on March 27. A project may be winding up, and the energy is a little crazy, but Jupiter makes sure that it all works out. Mid-April your boss may be singing your praises. After May 9 through June 2, Venus lights up the way you make money. Your second house lights up ideas that could prove lucrative.


Your ruler Mercury is now direct in your career house, and thanks to the recent New Moon in the same sign you may now be the recipient of a raise or even a better paying position. On April 25, the lunar eclipse could mean more responsibility at work. Will you be getting a promotion? Find out today with a full career forecast from astrologer Psychic Robin ext. 5492.


March 12 through mid-April, Mars is pushing your career or entrepreneurial side up to spotlight; you shine. You can start a new career with the blessing of the universe—especially after April 10 when a New Moon joins a whole “crown of stars” in your 10th house. Venus comes in June to lend creativity to your work.


April 15 through May 9, Venus shines on your career making you in demand. Don’t let the Pluto retrograde in your career house hold you back; there’s too many good things going on. The solar eclipse on May 9 is also great for your career. Throughout June, a mix of work and fun will further your career aspirations.

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On May 9 Venus enters Gemini which is great for your career always. May 15 through 31 Mercury could messenger in some good career news that may involve some publishing or speaking. The June 8 New Moon focuses on getting you a promotion or new job altogether.


On the April 10 New Moon, some Libras may decide to form a business partnership. Between June 2 and June 26, Mercury and Venus move forward together in your 10th house; that’s great news for your career aspirations.


When Mercury enters Aries on April 13, you’re making strides at work, maybe starting a new project. Remember even the warrior Mars had an army; you can’t do it all alone. Prepare now for Venus’ entry into your career zone just after this period; the results will be amazing.


Venus and Mars together in Taurus make love and work two places you shine between April 20 and May 9. The eclipse in Taurus on May 9 makes your career forecast even better.


On March 27, the Libra Full Moon signals an ending of one project and the beginning of a new partnership or work environment that’s more to your liking. Mars enters Gemini on May 31 ramping up your workload while the Gemini New Moon on June 8 may bring new work opportunities.


There’s a lunar eclipse on April 25 in your career house, and its conjunction with Saturn give you a “wake up call” kind of feeling that will actually help you see things in a new way. Mercury enters your house of work on May 31 and remains through August 7, giving work that “at home” feeling through August even when it retrogrades at the end of June.


Look to the May 25 lunar eclipse for work or promotion opportunities. On June 7 your ruler, Neptune, retrogrades in your sign. Retrogrades can be good things, and this one has your creative juices flowing. Optimize your career forecast by networking.

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