Your Career Forecast for December 2012

Will the World Really End?

December is a time of celebration and reflection. What you experienced in June and November will evolve in December to begin revealing the great “change of age” that the Mayans predicted for December 21, 2012.

Flourishing in dramatically changing times demands that you thank people and jobs that once nurtured you as you move on to new opportunities. Many people are shocked as they find that old means of achieving success no longer work, with many others in denial. Each sign has its own special way to offer guidance to those who fear the future.


You are offering truly brilliant creations for implementation the week of the Mayan “end of time” on December 21. Remember to include and respect the rest of your work colleagues to bring your ideas to fruition. December 25 is a special day of sharing and community-building for your business.


You spend the month of December using your charm to build the political alliances you need for the future. You have been pouring all of your energy into creating beauty and comfort at home and at work, much to everyone’s delight. Your gift during the week of December 24 through the 30th is offering a place to experience beauty in many forms through various cultures for coworkers and friends.


December 2 offers an opportunity to be the wise communicator who guides coworkers and clients to work better together. During the week of December 17 through the 23rd, you are extremely generous. Just don’t let overconfidence cause you to make too many promises or expenditures. Beginning Tuesday the 26th, you’ll have a new kind of drive and self-assurance in your career that is founded in your sense of spirituality. Did your ego get the best of you at work? Talk through it all with Psychic Braxton ext. 5699 who can see your next steps.


Let your intuition and your desire to nurture others carry you through the Mayan “end of time” week beginning on December 17 through the end of December. In the end, your coworkers and clients will know how invaluable you are. The Full Moon on December 28 is in your sign allowing you to “feel” the energies of transformation around you and express them.


Leadership carries you through everyone’s jitters around the Mayan “end of time.” The last week of December will be pivotal in your desire to lead and serve. During the Full Moon on December 28, you are the powerful person who can make the difference and bring success at the office.


During the first half of December, you will be the steadying voice amid changes in the workplace. December 6 is a crucial day for you to communicate from your heart, ultimately getting what is needed. You will be juggling time between home and career on December 25 and 26, or opening your home to coworkers and clients. This won’t be easy, but it will be successful.


In mid-December, your passion and self-expression are set free to share career ideas. Your love of partnering for the best results brings success during the week of December 17 through the 23rd. A compassionate approach to others on the Full Moon of December 28 will have you bringing opposing groups together in the workplace. Having trouble finding your compassion after all that has happened? Talk with Psychic Julia ext. 9131 who can help remove the blocks to healing.


Your financial situation improves mid-December. During the week of December 17 through the 23rd, you are the one who can share the experience of having experienced both sides of issues confronting the workplace. You can touch and motivate others to handle any job at hand. During the last week of December, give yourself some needed privacy. Also, share your profound love with family, and you will be generously compensated.


On December 2, you offer perspective on opposing points of view at work showing each person that through working together a common good can be created. By doing this, you point the way to the future during pivotal December. Help this breakthrough happen over the “change of ages” week—December 17 through the 23rd. During the last week of December, establish your plans and funding to boost your business, and you are on your way to a great future.


On Friday, December 21—the Mayan calendar’s “end of time”—the sun enters your sign. Capricorns can take the lead guiding coworkers through needed transformation. On the Full Moon of December 28, you can handle shocking events with coworkers by being the voice of reason. Be certain to also show compassion for others’ fears.


Thanks to your having focused on both financial needs and your high ideals, your career will begin a new life over the Mayan “end of time” date of December 21. Tuesday, December 25 offers opportunities for ingenuity and vision. Manage career responsibilities while you promote great new ideas on the December 28 Full Moon.


Your whole career is about your dreams taking form during December. On Tuesday the 25th, you’ll be sharing your enthusiasm for your new business discoveries with others. During the Full Moon on December 28, you are the heart of compassion needed to help others through difficulties in the workplace.

8 thoughts on “Your Career Forecast for December 2012

  1. Thea

    I began reading the news letter months ago and decided to receive the daily horoscope soon after. My doubting mind had me reading them after the day was done and to my amazement, everyday was spot on. Now I try to access them before I start the day. It really helps in my attitude and responses to different circumstances.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  2. Dortey Varlack

    Thank you Debbie for your good positive work. We all need positive vibrations in this time of year. My wish is that with your inspiring words for our future work on this planet that I and many others will realize their potential and not be affair to be what they are to do for there dream to be successful.

    And I will stop looking for the right time, because as you said this is it and I shall ACT ON THAT, thanks for the push forward to get me flying. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR & CHRISTMAS TIME.

  3. Jose Maria dos Santos

    is it true my career will be end at December 27/ 2012 ?
    how about my career and work in the new year 2013 ?

  4. RKJ

    have been following for total 4 signs for the entire year step by step & found that forecastings are very useless & rubbish .. This is my readings for sun sign cancer, leo , tarus & aries.

  5. devraj gupta

    the forecast for december 2012 seems to be perfect and wish everyone a great success ahead for the month of december 2012.


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