Your 30-Day Saturn Forecast for December 2012

Ending the Year With Saturn in Scorpio

With the ringed one now trudging through Scorpio, big themes take center stage. How will Saturn in Scorpio affect you this month? Read on to find out!


If you’ve been reticent to see the connection between this plane and the spiritual one, Saturn’s got news for you. Insight is at the ready and if you’re willing to deal with the discomfort, a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world is coming. The spiritual plane is closer than you think! Hear what messages are meant just for you with the help of medium, Psychic Shauna ext. 9010.


Currently, you’re faced with the task of balancing your desires with those of your partner. This is not easy. If you don’t know what you truly value, how can you determine what you truly need? Pay attention to your feelings to determine what (and/or whom) you can and cannot live without.


Self-care is of the utmost importance for you during this cycle, Twins. As you’ll likely be asked to put others needs before your own (This is a position of service for you, Gemini.), you need to be sure to eat right, exercise and get enough sleep lest you be rendered incapable of performance.


You’re being asked to invest in an unknown future. However, provided you adopt a regimented approach (slow and steady wins this race) you will see your goals come to fruition down the road.


You may find yourself in a position that requires deeper introspection. If you’re not comfortable with emotional space, you won’t like it here. But there is value, and growth is required if your desires are to manifest in any meaningful way.


Listening skills are as important as what you say right now, Virgo. It may be taxing to be the patient nurturer, but that’s the task at hand. You’ll wind up a stronger communicator in the long run, with a reputation that precedes you.


You’ve done the hard work while Saturn was in your sign, Libra. Abundance will be yours if you’ve learned your lessons. In the meantime, sit back and relax for a bit. It’s a peaceful moment.


You’re frustrated and faced with seemingly endless obstacles. Be patient. Small steps and practiced patience are the only way to survive or thrive, which you will do eventually if you remain engaged and positive.


It’s vital that you face your past and reconcile yourself with it under this influence. Doing so will help you to move forward from a place of self-care. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are necessary for success on all fronts.


It’s a time to construct new foundations to achieve the goals that seem just out of reach. You’ll need to strengthen the bonds you have within your community or find a different community where you can thrive.


If you find yourself wondering what exactly it is you want in life, you’re not alone. Saturn in Scorpio has this effect on people, particularly Aquarians. The big picture may be cloudy, but daily details and decisions can help crystallize your direction. Having trouble focusing on the big picture? A reading with Psychic Larkin ext. 5707 will give you the tools you need to stay focused on your path.


Armed with your new self-awareness, you may find yourself questioning your long-held beliefs. Nothing is a given anymore, Pisces and that’s great. Just don’t drive yourself crazy searching for answers that can only come with time.

11 thoughts on “Your 30-Day Saturn Forecast for December 2012

  1. Joanne Burns

    This is short and sweet. If I don’t knw how to get along with Saturn, I should just chew on some crushed glass about now.

  2. virgo

    As you very well know Saturn is the true ruler of capricorn or Capricornians and for the seven rings of Saturn this is what gives the born leaders of the Earth signs that youngfulness within their appearance as their appearance never ever grows old as they look just as young as what the day that they were born as in other words they never ever tend to AGE and it is a great trait to have for these saturn born people and for the scorpios or Scorpions of which is the fixed organiser of the water sign as there true ruler is Pluto as the serpent keeps on eating its very own tail within this sign but scorpios love the zeros as each number that multiplies against itself will always manifest into 000 as im other words start with the number 1 and then add a zero and that makes ten and then add another zero then that makes 100 and so on as you keep on adding zeros it just keeps on multiplying and of course they are always immaterialistic people and are extremely sensitive, secretive and love to work in a very strategic manner, well bye for now and the best of british.

  3. mp

    Unable to understand your prediction based on Ending the year with Saturn in in Scorpio since on 12-12-2012 at 00:00 hrs PST Saturn is in Libra at 13 : 39 : 24.25 and will not tread into Scorpio in next 30 days. Please clarify. Thanks

  4. Randy

    I wish every day they would just look at my individual forcast mine is symply different. I’ve made peace with my past as a sag can’t stay oneway to long. To look back and regret something I have no control over is just plane and symple dumb. One thing I and most men in my area is to stay away from the women they think you either owe them everything or they can’t wait for you to leave so they can get the money and find drugs and usually with a another dope head.


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  6. Bela

    I’ve been hoping and praying someone could shed some light on a particular issue I need to decide on.Ive been married to the same man all my life,although my marital relashionship has allwys been somewhat rocky,but never as much,I’ve stayed committed for the children.
    Lately I’ve come across a very kind men that is a blessing to the universe,can’t help thinking,wishing and praying that God would send my way a match made in heaven.
    What do the stars tell you about my mentioned situation?
    Is it possible some insight into the future?
    God Bless,thanking you in advance while awaiting your input on what could be the biggest decision at this stage of my life.
    Have an AWSOME Christmas.

  7. Dawoodi Morkas

    Astrology is a science of the knowledge of the movements of the planets and their impact on the living and non living beings.
    Can astrology be effective in cases of the respective planets own course of life????

  8. lisa fry

    i use to get free horoscopes sent to my email every day, this no longer happens. may i register


    Lisa Fry


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