Your 30-Day Numerology Forecast

Your Month by the Numbers

If you can examine yourself deep within to find what you really want in life while still being adaptable to change, the period of January 15 through February 15 will be a really important time for you. Expect intense communications with those you love most—even with people you didn’t know all that well before. You’ll be surrounded by new revelations that will cause people to restructure their careers and their lives in general. This offers opportunities that you hadn’t imagined in the past.

Knowing the key number that you resonate to in life allows you to work most harmoniously with the energies around you. Your birth number consists of adding together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6. If this were your birth date, your birth number would be 6.

The days when the special energy that is your personal vibration during the coming month are as follows:

Birth Number: 1

January 21 is the day for you to speak your vision powerfully and effectively in your relationships and at work. Caring communications with friends and lovers will bring great results on January 30. On  February 2 you want to speak seriously about your feelings. You can then open up about your dreams to others on February 11. What dreams have you been keeping secret? A call to Psychic Rogers ext. 5327 could help make them a reality.

Birth Number: 2

You are ready to get down to business in your relationships on January 22. You want something to come of your investments of time, money and talents in business and love. You know that you can reach higher for a more emotionally fulfilling relationship on January 31 and February 3. Focus on your emotional health on February 12.

Birth Number: 3

You are in a beautiful, creative flow and have the will to follow through on your ideas and plans on  January 23. Your feelings will be intense on February 4 followed by a day of surprises on February 13. There are real opportunities on both days if you use your special sensitivity in knowing what others want and take action.

Birth Number: 4

January 15 is a day to be your rock star self. Expressing everyone’s “dark side” honestly and humorously helps everyone overcome their fears. January 24 is also intense and is a magical time of healing. February 5 and Valentine’s Day are both great days to joyfully reminisce with the ones you love.

On Valentine’s Day, celebrate love and affection between intimate companions, a day which lovers express their love for each other.” – Psychic Snow ext. 9383

Birth Number: 5

Your energy on January 16 is erratic but brilliant. Give it some direction and you’ll have created something new and fantastic. Friends will bring joy on January 25. Your emotional, creative expression will deeply touch someone you love on February 6. This can also be used to promote an idea to others. On February 15 you’ll be focused on responsibilities and will find yourself really fulfilled by what you’ve accomplished.

Birth Number: 6

January 17 is a day for simple tasks and pleasures to make you feel closer to the rich energy of enjoying everyday beauty and human caring. Your  energy makes you a natural to teach, heal and inspire others and creates personal breakthroughs on January 26. A special, creative day with children or with your favorite art form brings happiness on February 7.

Birth Number: 7

January 18 will be a day that is in harmony with your soulful view of life. Use the evening to revitalize your own spirit with your favorite form of inspiration. You’ll teach others about physical, mental and spiritual health by example on the 27th. Your intense concentration on February 8 brings the results you’ve been wanting on a project.

Birth Number: 8

On January 19 you find your power is anchored in partnership and collaborating with others. January 28 is a successful day for activism in any area that is dear to your heart. Using technology or personal networking will promote a love relationship or be your best creative medium on February 9.

Birth Number: 9

Acting on behalf of the community and friends on January 20 will make you the hero or heroine by Sunday. Plan to use January 29 to create your best work. Then present it passionately on February 1. February 10 is the New Moon day when your fantastic, technical creations can become something of beauty and inspiration for others. Psychic Prinny ext. 5134 has the tools you need to inspire others with your fantastic creations!

34 thoughts on “Your 30-Day Numerology Forecast

  1. sarika

    can really rememer im atualy born on 10th night or midnight ? 11th ?
    my no. comes out to be either 9 or 1 ?
    can u please guide me how my coming month will be ? especially from 5 feb 2013 to april 2013

  2. Kathy Weckesser

    On February 2nd 2013 I calculated #=3. I have to leave my apt due to harassment ect and want to move near my son and grandchildren. I see big changes posted in my horoscope.I hope you can tell me are they good and what is best time to make move.Ive been staying at my mothers because these people are just to cruel and I don’t understand their prejudice towards me.All info pertaining to my future as I look for better environment and relationships would be very much appreciated! Thank You sincerely Kathy

  3. Debra Keil-LeavittDebbie Keil-Leavitt

    Hi everyone and thanks so much for the comments. You seem to be working the formulas well. It actually becomes fun after awhile.

    Katie, I am so sorry for the difficulties you have been going through. Sadly, we hear many stories of family members who can create havoc for other family members and I think most all of us empathize with you. Things do eventually get better and obviously your daughter cares about you, so take care of youself! Numbers and astrology remind us that life is a series of ongoing cycles with challenging, even difficult times followed by happier times. In the end, what matters is that we love and are there for each other.

    As far as the breakdown of the numbers, you seem to be understanding that well – breaking them down to between 1 through 9. There are articles in the blog archives that refer to “master numbers” such as 11, that have their own energy. I was taught to refer to people like Trisha as 11/2 vibrations…as both numbers or powerful. If there isn’t an article in the archives yet mentioning the “master numbers 11, 22 and 33” it should be coming up soon, so you can watch for it.

  4. Kicha

    My heart is so weekends by some of these comments. Katie I love you and sweetheart your strength is beyond what many could handle you have made it through this storm and you can’t turn back. I know it seems really bad but Jesus loves you and he only allow what you can handle I am praying for you. keep praying and hold on to your faith speak faith and mlove God.Mr Curtis you are above what you think you are sunk into my God is.awesome and putting in your hopes and dreams in his hands will allow what you need trust in him and he will guide to the places you need to be. give him your hopes and fears and he will stand in your honor show your heart and love in all you do my Lord Loves you and want you to be happy.

  5. Response To Kate Comment

    Hi Kate Smith.
    Try to forget about all the bad things that have happened in your life and move forward.
    You are very lucky to have such a Caring Daughter that has offered to take you in when you had Knowhere else to Go.

    This is the true spirit of what Family is about.

    Dont try to help your Son. It sounds as though he has chosen not to accept your help. At the same time, although you care for him and you find it hard, but let him go and make his own decision, but dont give or offer him money, only your support.

    Let him Know you will be there to support him when he makes the decision to offer and accept outside help.

  6. Elba Ramirez

    Thanks by the message of birth number. “30-Day Numerology Forecast”. I hope that you said, will be real. Amén. Thakns. God Blessed you.

  7. jackie

    I too am 55 yrs old. In my early 20’s I had a roommate steal everything precious to me. I also did not have a place of my own and had to bum off of others and had a very young child to care for. One thing I learned was life goes on, as much as we may not want it to. Things have improved for me, though not as much or as fast as I would have liked them to. Life will be what it is and we must keep on keeping on because we have no choice. Keep looking for opportunities to improve your situation, no matter how small it seems. Even on a dark day, when every thing seems to be going wrong, find something you can be grateful for. Just the mind set that something is right will improve what is wrong. The job I have now, I can say two things about. 1. I am the richest poor person ever, because of debts that have accumulated, and 2. There are people coming into the office I where I work that I would consider in a hell hole but they are happy as can be with their lot in life. I guess it all goes back to life is what you make it, or as one greeting card I saw said, ” when you get enough manure start making fertilizer.

  8. Alexandra

    Katie, sorry if mispelled ur name…sorry about your loss, losing a mom is very hard;
    I did too though thank God she had a long, wonderful, though challenging life and died
    at 90 surrounded by fa…HOWEVER, a sibling ALSO stole from the rest of the children
    the inheritance…lots of expensive jewelry..IT DOES happen in families..(bad seeds in any family),sometimes hard to believe by other members of fa. like in our case, BUT, it is a reality. Pray that you will recover physically and emotionally from it all and move on to a happy, successful life like members of my fa. and I have done.

  9. Tonia Austin

    In response to Ms. Katie,
    Please hang in there Katie, and know that God is always there for you; even in your dark times. I am so sorry sweetie that you had to go through any of this horrible stuff, and most importantly, sorry for your loss. I will pray that God not only give you strength; but, let you know that it is not over, you are very special and God can use your pain to help others. Your story touched my heart and help me to know that there ARE strong women like yourself I would be honored to meet. Please stay and help this world, you are truly needed.

  10. Trisha


    If your birth number comes to 10, just keep adding: 10…1 plus 0 = 1 so your birth number would be 1.

    same with 11. Just keep adding the numbers until you come to a single digit so 1 plus 1 = 2. your birth number is 2.

    hope that helps 🙂

  11. Nis

    I think when you say 10 it should be finally calculated as 1+0=1 so the number you should check is 1 and for 11 it will be 1+1=2.Hope that makes sense.

  12. katie

    this is a very hard letter to write for me, i read what i recieve from you, and sometimes it gives me great hope, but to be honest for the past 2 yrs ive had nothing happy going on infact ive always had great faith in God and still do, but im in a place in my life i never thought id be in a million years.M Mother passed away May 1st 2010, i had control of her estate which at the time of her death, was a very difficult time for my greif of her and all the work i had to do, with the estate company, its very hard to handle a large estate alone, a over 700,000 account at the 2 yrs ending became a 225,000 because of money the trust had taken from the estate in wich was called misc, money that we could never track because they were moving it around so much, and on my own i worked everyday on this, pretty soon i ran out of money because of my lawyer fees. and became having a nervious breakdown, and was hospitalized for a period of time. i have a son 26 yrs old is a drug addict i tried to keep on the straight and right road, with rehab, everything nothing worked, after my Mother passed up, i had to get all her personal items, went to find her jelery box only to find nothing everything was gone, silver,old coins, while she lay dying my son stole right in front of her death bed, i couldnt believe it, i called the police and he was arrested, sorry to backtrack, all the furnuture old pictures wall hangings, 4th generation beautiful things we had sinse i was a young child when i got home from the hospital for my breakdown, i walked in my home almost everything was gone, yes sorry to say my son, i lost everything he sold my car, wrote checks all over leaving 1.20 in my bank lost my home, i was homeless couldnt believe it 55yrs old my daughter finally took me in and ive been with her for awhile now, ive always thought i was a very strong person but the other day i was so close to ending my life, sometimes i think it would be better for everyone, i still do, i dont know why im telling you this i talk little about it, i guess im asking for you to pray for me if you would Thanks Katie Smith

  13. Diane

    Hi …my name is Diane and I would like to know something about my numerology number…

    When I do it, it comes to number 11…How or What should I do…

    Please tell me..

    Thank you

  14. clara

    How come in the numerology the number doesn’t go to 10.
    If someone is born June 22, l962=6+2+2+1+9+6+2=28=10 and there is no number 10 listed. Please advise what then.

  15. Curtis DeHaven

    My birth number is 2, but so far it has not done any thing for me. I’m still looking for that wind fall that is going to make my life worth living. I would like to know what it is like to not struggle and worry and to dream. To really know what it is like, to be happy and at peace. To be able to really help others and not feel depressed because I’m unable to much of anything.
    If I am blessed and get that life changing wind-fall, you will see one happy man, doing what I love, helping other people, animals. Being able to make their lives a little better, seeing a smile on their faces, that makes me happy and gives my life it’s worth. My luck, my chance to know a life worth living, will slip by me, because I fell in a hole and someone came along and filled it in. Hope is for those who can afford it. Your friend in the bottom of a hole, think ya could dig me out? Oh your planting a tree in it, okay, least I’ll have some shade.

    your friend in Oregon Curtis

  16. Jeannette

    If I add my birth date together as it says to do, I do not come out with a number from 1-9. Maybe you could help my birth date is 7-7-1977. Adding it up is 7+7+1+9+7+7=38, then 3+8=11. So in my case, what would my number be? 🙂

  17. Jazz Undy

    10-8-1963 = 1+0+8+1+9+6+3 = 28 =2+8 =10

    Following your format I come up with a 10 which does not fit into your 1-9. What am I not doing right?


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