Your 30-Day Career Forecast for November 2012

It’s Time to Show Your Stuff

November continues to be a time to present your special talents and pour your energy into your dream creative pursuits. Opportunities arise to “show your stuff” on November 9, 11 and 12.

The dramatic solar eclipse on November 14 and lunar eclipse on November 27 carry energies that indicate the Change of Age forecast for December 21, 2012. These major shifts don’t happen in a day, and the new direction is revealed in the many supporting prior events. So pay attention on November 14 and 27 to what you discover on these days for your new era career.


During the first week of November, your powerful optimism and generosity can motivate others and bring them around to see your side. The week of November 19 through the 25th is pivotal for you. Wednesday, November 28 is your opening into a new realm for communications, education and travel, and the people who invest in you.


Begin the month of November by being certain that your firewall is up and your protective software is working to prepare for mischief on the Internet. The important solar eclipse on November 13 is in Scorpio, opposite your Sun sign. Expect surprises from partners during this time, and observe events for a clue to your post-2012 future.


On November 9 through the 11th, you will be so creative and charming that you will dazzle yourself! The solar eclipse on Tuesday, November 13 brings surprises and opportunities in your workplace. The Moon in your Sun sign opens mystical “windows of soul expression” and opportunities on November 28. Be discerning about what you “let in” and you can set real career magic in motion. Not sure what to let in? Talk with Psychic Braxton ext. 5699 and find out.


The powerful solar eclipse on Tuesday, November 13 takes place in your house of creativity and sexy playfulness so you will experience real intensity in these areas. Use this energy appropriately in the workplace as it is potent. You will “sense” the various revelations surrounding everyone before others giving you an advantage.


The Tuesday, November 13 solar eclipse will show its major shifting power at home and in your career. If you are leading a group or performing the week of the lunar eclipse on November 28, you could be stunned by the reaction of others and how you seem to have reached into their souls.


Because you are so good at keeping everything working so well, sometimes friends and family will miss your soulfulness. The solar eclipse on Tuesday, November 13 will show the depth you can express through your communications, study and travel. Opportunity for the greatest career advancement will be during the lunar eclipse of November 28.


The intensity surrounding the solar eclipse on Tuesday, November 13 will impact you most strongly in the areas of finance and your personal values so expect your surprises there. Around the lunar eclipse on November 28, you should look for a window of opportunity for brilliant philosophical insights, writing or speaking.


Since Saturn has moved into your Sun sign, you are in a time of building. This begins with dreams, a focus on health and healing emotional wounds along with teaching others. Goal completion requires work, and you have no fear of that, Scorpio! The solar eclipse on Tuesday the 13th is in your Sun sign, assuring you of your personal powers as you align with this universal energy.


Mars is in your Sun sign all month, and you have more energy than you know how to channel. Meditate or force yourself to concentrate, or do safe exercise or sports for a healthy release. During the week of November 26 through December 2 there will be a strong subconscious urge to take financial risks that you rather suspect is doubtful. Redirect that energy into creativity that will pay real dividends. Need some help focusing your energy? Talk with Psychic Joyce ext. 9598 to get a detailed career forecast.


The dreams you share with others will be filled with the power of the solar eclipse during the week of November 12 through the 18th. This will be a really pivotal week for you in the work environment. Even though the lunar eclipse of November 28 isn’t in your Sun sign, its power is present to you through the networking you do. This could really pay off in the future.


A period has arrived for you to really focus on making your career dreams a reality. For the next two to three years, you will be building a solid foundation for everything you want to create for yourself. November shines a light on the right direction for you. The solar eclipse during the week of November 12 through the 18th focuses its energy on your career goals and home life, so use this power.


Your almost overwhelming inspiration and sense of spirituality and romance not only continues this month, but for some time. You are really able to put this energy into solid form for your career dreams through studies, teaching and artistry. The solar eclipse of November 13 carries a special rush of this energy. The lunar eclipse of November 28 demands attention to career and home needs.

10 thoughts on “Your 30-Day Career Forecast for November 2012

  1. Debra Keil-LeavittDebbie Keil-Leavitt

    Sorry Mary – The eclipse was on 11/13 for the US, Central and South America and 11/14 for various other parts of the world. The eclipse was later in the day for much of the US, Canada and South America as well, so results at the workplace would be on both days. In any case, the solar eclipse impacts an extended period of time with the most dramatic surprises taking place during the weeks surrounding it. The full moon at the end of Oct was part of this cycle with dramatic results on the E. Coast of the US and a number of places. While I have accurate data to work with, the whole world reads our blog with different time zones and locations! Time and space limit some specifics for our articles. These posts are meant to inspire all the signs to the possibilities of the week and the potential for success in their careers. Rana – I’m sorry if whatever you were hoping for isn’t happening in your career at this point. It probably would make sense to get a more personal reading from one of the psychics, as there might be something stronger than your birth Sun in your specific chart impacting your career at this point in time. Edwin and Andre, thanks for the kudos and I hope all of your career wishes come true…

  2. rana

    pure nonsense … i have been following ur reading since the last entire year for 4 signs …
    i found all the reaings utter nonsense .. seems there is no connections between the reading & actual happenings.. i have observed in set of 18 people [ total 4 signs ] …

  3. Mary M Hart

    Sorry to find yet another discrepancy in the dates covered in this article.
    There are two dates given for the Lunar Eclipse here.

    “The dramatic solar eclipse on November 14 and lunar eclipse on November 27 carry energies that…….”
    and again: “So pay attention on November 14 and 27 to what you discover on these days for your new era career.”

    “The powerful solar eclipse on Tuesday, November 13…”
    “The Tuesday, November 13 solar eclipse will show…”

    Many of us look to the article in this publication for insight and verifiable information. Is there no one there at California Psychics who is editorializing these articles before printing?
    I am an editor and writer. I would be glad to apply for the position should you decide to create one. 🙂

    Mary M

  4. Mary M Hart

    Good article. BUT,
    Would have been most effective and contributory to have gotten this BEFORE 11/9, 11, 12 since that is when the author says the effects are most advantageous to be aware of.
    This was published for us on 11/13/2012.

  5. edwin j.

    Thank you so much for you forcast, im looking for some good luck in my life a blessing or some divine grace that would help me impower my life and walk in the right path. Im in need of a new freedom that will make me the head of my family and not the tail, but were do i start? whan is the door going to open. Im in pain and i feel bad for my son,


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