Your 2012 Numerology Forecast

Get Ready to Rock & Roll

After drudging your way through all-important but occasionally tiresome practical matters during this past Universal 4 Year, you’re ready for adventure, right? At least I hope you are, because change and adventure are what’s in store for 2012, a freedom-loving, innovative and exciting Universal 5 Year.

There’s so much hype about 2012 and media frenzy about serious or scary changes – the Mayan Calendar, ascension, comets, planets, solar flares – that maybe the mere thought of change makes you really tense, or even fearful! If it does, then stop, take a deep breath and think.

What if the changes waiting for you were things you’ve always wanted to do, adventures you’ve always wanted to try? What if they were exciting, enticing, energizing and you were eager to start? What if they didn’t involve any sacrifice at all?

Even if your name or birthdate numerology are 2, 4, 6 or 7, at worst you’ll probably experience frustration or discomfort, and that’s mostly because you think you’re happier when you can avoid disturbances in your plans and process.

However, for the past two years the universal influence of astrology, especially the “Cardinal Cross” dance of restrictive Saturn, revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto, has seeded every one of us with dreams, desires and longings to improve our lives and the world around us. The energy of this Universal 5 Year supports, encourages and facilitates you in initiating those changes!

If you don’t already know your name and birth date numerology, you can just click on the links above and do the easy calculations so you can see what’s in store for you.

1 – This year can be your ticket to the fast lane. When you hitch your wagon to the energy of this 5 year, your horizons are broadened and you can channel 5’s restlessness into focused action. Just be sure to have 2, 4 or 6 as backup!

2 – While you may occasionally feel like things are moving too fast, being needed brings out the best in you. 5 energy can be brash and inconsiderate, and your caring and diplomatic presence can make the difference between success and failure.

3 – The combination of 3 and 5 can be absolute dynamite, so prepare yourself for a thrilling year. Besides fun and adventure, your innate charm and communication skills are heightened by 5’s natural facility with sales and promotion.

4 – You may find yourself frequently irritated this year with others’ penchant for racing ahead without due consideration and sufficient planning. Your job is to take all that daring energy and channel it productively, your special skill.

5 – There is some risk of too much of a good thing for you, unless you have some grounding personal numerology. The trick is to balance pleasure with purpose, because there’s never been a better time to mold life to suit you.

6 – What you call something can shift your perceptions radically, so rather than dismissing this year’s energies as irresponsible, let them have an innovative and refreshing influence on some of the dustier corners of your life.

7 – You may have less peace, quiet and privacy this year than you want, but this year’s 5 influence could well help you break free of unconscious limits in your beliefs and perceptions, a valuable boost to your exploration of inner horizons.

8 – If anyone can take the year’s energies and discipline them into an efficient, productive team it’s you. But don’t dismiss the somewhat rowdy influence of 5. It contains some amazing business and financial opportunities.

9 – This is your kind of year, full of possibilities for broadening your horizons. Your active, outgoing nature will be right at home in all the excitement, and you’re particularly suited to make the most of 5’s adventure and innovation.

11 – You’ll have to work to stay grounded in the face of this year’s fast, furious and seemingly endless store of ideas and opportunities. Don’t try to keep up. Instead, let it wash through and trust your intuition to snag what’s of value.

22 – Like your 8 friends and business associates, you’ll want to impose a bit of order on the boisterous influence of this 5 year. But you don’t want to stifle the energy, because it holds the key to getting global attention for your master plan.

No matter what your numerology, if you approach 2012 with flexibility and a sense of humor, it promises fun, adventure and progress.

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26 thoughts on “Your 2012 Numerology Forecast

  1. chasity

    my birthday numbers are 09/30/1978 i am trying to find out what my number is? Can u help me find that out! Thank you

  2. kevin thomas kennedy

    Please tell me my name number in numerology, my name is above in full. my date of birth is 6-27-1953, which i believe is 33 which is 3 plus 3 which is 6. Thank you so much for answering me.

  3. Charu


    I would like to know whats my number I wanna know what is my adventure gonna have this year pls pls pls thank you

  4. Jane L

    Very interesting! I wonder what’s in store for me for 2012…The past few years have been a struggle for me…My b-day’s on 10/10/1968…:)

  5. ryza ortiaga

    Hi Hello! can you give me an accurate info about the business and projects that I’m involved in and whats 2012 in store for me? mine is 11/11/11
    thanks a lot !!!

  6. Mark Taylor UK

    WOWSA, what an interesting read, I am an 8 and the reading was spookily accurate, my life has been hellish over the last four years and nearly broke me, however I always maintained vision, disciplin, structure and belief and despite frustrations, setbacks, knocks, I was always progressing slowly, now it seems I have laid my foundations! Thank you for the re assurance ! Roll on 2012!!!

  7. misskrystal

    So happy to see you back, Verbena! I can enjoy your wonderful blogs, again!
    Welcome back!! Missed you. Cheers, Miss Krystal

  8. Jaeson B.

    Dec. 7,2011. Thank you for the insight. All of us need some exciting news and development with our business/projects. Our dreams shall debut in2012.


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