Your Winter Solstice Horoscope: The Return of the Light

winter solstice horoscope

Daylight Grows Again

The Winter Solstice is the return of light and we’ll experience the shortest day of the year when daylight grows again. It’s both ancient and modern and is celebrated in nearly all cultures at various dates based on their location on earth. Northern Hemisphere holiday celebrations begin on December 21. Your sun sign has a personal relationship to the rebirth of the sun:

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You are high-energy and full of surprises during the Winter Solstice. The Chumash of Southern California celebrated this holiday, and they are warriors like you, meaning sportspeople, or fierce protectors of others. Enjoy mutual adoration and admiration with those you love. You could even include a sailing or canoeing trip in honor of the Chumash.


Venus shows you to be feisty, yet lovingly opening your doors and heart during the Winter Solstice. People love your steadiness and devotion, and your surprises this year might include honoring Mary, plus Isis and Hathor (sun god) with an Egyptian theme.


You’re intensity during the Winter Solstice surprises others. As a Gemini, you’re a master at passing between the dark and light, so you have a deeper connection with others. That makes you a charming and healing addition to any celebration.


The Winter Solstice is your day. Your moon ruler is at its greatest height, when you can offer the returning sun your energy. You’re a master of the kitchen, using the loving/healing powers of food known from Pagan/Wiccan holy celebrations.


You offer the bright light of the sun in any Winter Solstice celebration. With Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, as your guide, you offer the most affectionate and pleasurable events. Hold a party collecting donations for an animal rescue organization, or have sweet creatures available for adoption to guests.


Your sign embodies all of the harvest/mother gods and goddesses, so your nature is to nurture and organize. You’re feeling particularly generous in the workplace and at home and will bring the season to many. Therefore, offering baked items and wine will bring Winter Solstice power to your celebration.


Your creative efforts will be the hit of any Winter Solstice celebration. Others are amazed at your generosity and the beauty of what you share. It can be as simple as kind words or as complex as a creative gift. Nonetheless, people will celebrate you and your special light/talents this season.


You bring the magical, mystical element to your Winter Solstice celebrations. You’re in tune with the ancient traditions and can bring joy and contentment to others. You love water and research, so have fun digging into ceremonial celebrations.


You’re Father Time and the newborn child all at once, through your wisdom and love of the future. It hasn’t been the easiest year and during this Winter Solstice you’re beginning a new phase of life. Use the Winter Solstice to bring light and hope to others.


The Winter Solstice speaks to you because it’s when the sun enters your sign. During your celebrations, you’ll be communicating profoundly about new ideas, relationships and structures. Be patient and give your ideas time to sink in, and then reach others as this light grows.


The Winter Solstice sets the stage for the Rooster Chinese New Year on January 28, 2017 in your sign. How you crow about friends takes an unusual approach to tradition, which everyone will love. Every event you host or attend has your unique touch and you bring the fun.


You’re the warrior mystic this Winter Solstice. Think of your favorite movies with the brave, enlightened character, and live it, as you reach others through action. Be the creative director, the guide or the fierce, adoring lover and friend.

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  1. Tom Burton

    Canoeing trip in honor of the Chumash. LOL I live in northern Canada, will take way too long to cut a hole in the ice big enough to get the canoe in. Even so I’ve been enjoying your articles, keep them coming. Have a great solstice, blessed be.


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