Who Will Make Wise Decisions in 2012?

Born With Uranus in Virgo: You’re the Wise One About the Details that Make the Cohesive Difference in 2012

Were you born between August 1962 and October 1968? Then you have Uranus in Virgo in your natal chart. While the sign of Virgo is often demeaned to being petty and critical, people often forget to honor the wise view that “the Devil is in the Details.” Those who are the sacred workers among us, a Virgo quality, see to it that the motion forward has integrity and that all doesn’t eventually collapse. While the wide sweep of vision and grand views of the fire signs is valuable, none of this ever happens without the meticulous follow through of Virgo energy. Let no one demean you or take away your hard-earned credit!

Uranus in Virgo may seem incompatible, but it is absolutely essential to the massive and fast changes required of humanity at different times. You are harmonious with the Capricorn builders where Pluto now lives and demands that we transform everything about how are laws, governments and even our buildings function. Capricorn is always climbing toward “the top” as they build structures and their own careers. But it will all collapse without your attention to detail and perfection (or aiming for it).

If someone misses an important detail in the structure of a boat, airplane or building, it can be catastrophic. If we allow our government or legal systems to erode due to inattention and the aggressive action of selfish individuals, whole social systems can collapse. In our personal affairs, if we forget that crucial “I love you” at a sensitive time, or once again forget to keep our promises, broken hearts and relationships can be the result. Virgo detail is crucial in all these instances.

So sacred worker, never forget that your sense of service to humanity, health and the planet is as important to the future as the charismatic leader or the powerful person who offers educational guidance. If you aren’t there, that crucial presentation doesn’t happen or the ship sinks. Honor yourself and demand that others do so as well.

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3 thoughts on “Who Will Make Wise Decisions in 2012?

  1. Ren

    I read “Lead in 2012” from the email today, then scrolled onto “Who will make wise descisions in 2012”.
    I was born Aug. 21, 1962 and I am very Leo with Virgo attributes, presently in the western healthcare field, working on studies including (Not limited to) holistic theology, natropathic, & energy healing… married to a Capricorn (Engineer/Contractor/Architect and Very into politics), hehe!
    To wrap this up sounds like in 2012, I’m supposed to lead, be resposnsible, and nit pick hubby’s ideas? I don’t think he’ll like that lol! lol! Tho, he will admit I did have valid ideas/concerns he had not thought of during the remodling our house :)
    Light, love & blessings to all

  2. Fiona x5178

    Hi Debbie – This article made me pause and think about things I had not thought about for awhile. We need more focus on this subject. With Pluto in Capricorn trining the Uranus in Virgo generations natal Uranus, along with any other Virgoian activity in their horoscopes–their time is now! I’ll be sure to watch for this in the horoscopes of my clients–very interesting. Thanks.


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