When Venus Squares Mars

When Venus squares Mars, expect a tempestuously hot day for passionate, sensual encounters. The bad news? It’s also likely to be a day of hissy fits, emotional eruptions, and daggers drawn. So, how can you be sure to get the loving — not the fighting? It’s a matter of turning all that overflowing passion to a positive end.

First, it helps to know what you’re up against. Lovely Venus is in hard aspect to fiery, passionate Mars. These planets of love and passion are on edge, brimming with energy and tension. Venus is sulking, feeling put upon, undervalued and taken for granted. Meanwhile Mars is in his corner brooding over slights and glowering about being forced to once again have relationship conversations. In other words, the male and female energies in your relationship are at their most stereotypically expressed, most opposed and most aroused.

On the upside, with knowledge comes power, at least potentially. You know that things are at fever pitch and you know that neither you nor your partner will feel understood or appreciated until the air is cleared. The task ahead then, is to address any problems in a way that gets everything out in the open — without doing damage to the relationship.

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