What’s Your Sign?: Vedic vs. Western Astrology

Do you sometimes feel that your horoscope doesn’t fit you? The reason for this is because each culture creates an astrological system based on their observations and interpretations of the natural world. This examination of Vedic vs. Western Astrology will help answer those questions. What’s your true sign and does what it says about you vary by astrological system?

Painting the Astrological Wheel

Do you sometimes feel that your horoscope does not quite apply and never feels right? Or that your sun sign doesn’t reflect who you are? Maybe it doesn’t.

Western astrology and the widely accepted signs are a relatively new system of astrology and is based on sun sign calculations, or what constellation the sun was in when you were born. If you do not know the location (longitude/latitude) and time you were born, your sun sign will not be accurate. Astrology is based on mathematical calculations, and without correct data there will be variations.

The sun is the male, solar, outward, yang/aggressor. It is the outer consciousness and actions. The moon is the great illuminator, the keeper of the ancient mysteries, the female and the intuitive emotional. In contrast, Vedic astrology is based on the moon sign—the inner light of us all—and is the most important aspect. In many cases, when you calculate your Vedic chart, you will be a different sign than your western chart and the same with Native American, Mayan or Egyptian astrology.

So, what sign are you really?

The answer is simple—all of them. Astrology, in all her systems, is a valuable tool for assessing the potential possibilities in our lives. In can help us to understand our nature, our roots, the events in our lives and our inner selves. It also illuminate us as to what might be potential hazards for us, helping us avoid or see them in a variable light.

Astrology educates, enhances and empowers us, no matter where we look for guidance. With so many tools available, why not try them all? With the understanding of one’s nature and potential, comes enlightenment and though one cannot change ones nature, understanding it is empowering. Each culture creates an astrological system based on their observations and interpretations of the natural world, the cosmos and our place within the greater circle of life. Human life is deeply connected to nature. We are nature so to understand nature becomes paramount and gives us access to one of the great mystical keys of the universe. It allows us access to our own hearts and souls. Painting with all the colors allows us deeper emotion, deeper evolution, and deeper empowerment.

Do all the systems work together? Absolutely. Just as colors together reflect and enhance each other, so do all the systems. The ability to blend colors is a learned art, and this is also the case with astrological systems. Instead of becoming confusing, looking at all the interesting aspects of different systems truly allows for consciousness to expand. Astrology and the planets are not fixed in time and space. They move, as do we.

One may be Capricorn in this life, but with the same birthday 100 years ago, might have been a Sagittarius. You can see this reflected somewhat is the sign themselves. The Cancer crab was originally a land sign, a scarab beetle. Some cultures have evolved the crab to Moon children which is strikingly reminiscent of the Gemini twins. Cancer follows Gemini in the western zodiac so you can see the subtle shift here of the planets in space. Gemini becomes Cancer.

Humans often like things to be fixed, unchangeable and certain, but nature and life are anything but that. Life moves, flows, and changes. Stagnation brings unhappiness whilst movement allows for growth, expansion and evolution. Painting our lives with the astrological systems brings a more complete understanding of what may seem incomprehensible to us.

So, read your horoscopes, both Vedic and western. Paint the colors of the western and eastern world and spiritual paths on your canvass. Step back, look at it, add the colors of Native America wisdom and step back again, viewing life form their perspective. You may resonate wildly with some and not at all with others. This may change as your life evolves. Some people find resonance with the western system during the first half of life, yet move into the more reflective moon aspects later on.

Just as life is fluid, so is astrology and the cosmos themselves. Don’t like your western sign or feel it does not apply? Check out the other systems and chances are very great, you will understand the many aspects of your true nature.

So what’s your sign anyway?

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Sign?: Vedic vs. Western Astrology

  1. Lakmal

    Thanks Robin,

    Im an Aquarius and im a product designer and inventor. Im really unconventional and damn individualistic. I got mad when my western sign shows me as a capricorn.

    You are so true.

  2. gopinathan k

    It is true.Predictions based on SUN sign are not correct except for some generalised
    assumptions.With out the location of birth,dob,time of birth it is very difficult to cast and
    give a reading on individual horoscopes.Anyway being an amateur astrologer myself,I
    would like to know your impressions on the doom’s day predictions in the coming two months
    .I personally and with logic would prefer to discard such thoughts or even assume or imagine
    such things but my intuitive mind is perturbed and disturbed showing an inclination to
    state that there is a bit of truth in the prophecies.Your comments or evaluation of this aspect
    of prophecies are appreciated

  3. berserker

    Interesting article. I have for about 20 years cross referenced numerology, chinese astrology and western, using my own birth dates and year of birth to do so. I am a dragon in chinese astrology..a (wood dragon) to be precise, and a dead center leo. Both say how I should be an actor or a politician or a strong leader. Well, I despise politicians have little respect for actors and find it a major pain in the rump when I have to be the (boss) I would rather work alone. When its all said and done, I found that the chinese fit me a little better. The numerology semmed way to broad for me to make much sense of, but it did not seem to jive with the others. Nor taken by itself did much of it seem to apply to me. I even checked my thinking with others and asked if I had such and such traits or certain personalitys ect. Perhaps my lack of formal training stops me from interpreting correctly.

  4. ever

    dear robin, you rock and i cant say enough great things about you, you have and continue be an integril part of my transformation into a strong spiritual being. thank you for hangin with me and thank you god for sending yet another earth angel=) love ever and now im gonna lok at my vedic astroloy!

  5. Debra Keil-LeavittDebbie Keil-Leavitt

    Lovely job, Robin! It truly does all work in different aspects of our lives. The “neat” astrology of 30 degrees per sign manages to reflect certain aspects of ourselves, even though the constellations for which we named the signs aren’t each perfectly 30 degrees long, and we include the influences of the mythology of adjacent constellations that aren’t where the Sun, (most) planets and (mostly) the Moon travel, the ecliptic. We do all live amazing stories and we see them in the magnificent skies if we only look.


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