What Psychics See in 2010

How will the world handle the wars, economic flux, and climate change when we ring in 2010 with a Blue Moon? Our psychics tell us that it will be a year of spiritual transition as the planet moves closer to entering the astrological Age of Aquarius in 2012.

As we work through the changes, shifts and transitions of the world at large and within our own personal lives, many will turn to spirituality, learning to live at a higher consciousness, our psychics say. Collectively we are headed to the new age of true enlightenment, which means we will have to give up things and detach ourselves from what we have known, and yet, it will serve to help us re-instill our our faith. Decide to take the changes positively. It will be your faith and trust that will get you through these tumultuous times.

“We are coming into an important time of change and spiritual empowerment.” – Shamira ext. 5125

“It will be a year for reevaluating old patterns and behaviors and letting go. In return for the letting go of old lifestyles, we will move into a world of higher spiritual vibrations. More people will find their true path, happiness and well being. It is a remarkable time to be alive.” – Jacqueline ext. 9472

We will find new ways to live together, to make our livings as we change our habits from consumerism and status symbols back to basics. Some people will find themselves living with family or friends in a more communal atmosphere.

“People will stop expecting the old economy to come back. Instead they will look into their talents, interests and experience to find ways of succeeding in the new economy.” – Maryanne ext. 9146

“We will look to the earth in our own backyards, front yards and on urban rooftops to sustain us. Vegetable gardens will be all the rage and a matter of necessity.” –Donna ext. 9448

“The political arena will take more of a female approach than ever in history. The glass ceiling has been broken and it will manifest very strongly, in 2010. As in the 20th century with the founding of the National Organization for Women, it will not be politics as usual in this country for women.” TeriLynn ext. 9625

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