What Happens After 2012?

Are You an Indigo Child Who Will Be a Leader in the Age After 2012?

Those born between February 1996 and December 2003 have Uranus in Aquarius. While traditional astrologers consider the visible planet Saturn to be the ruler of Aquarius, it is generally accepted by various astrological viewpoints that Uranus has an affinity for the sign of Aquarius. Those of you born with Uranus in Aquarius are naturals at addressing technology, networking, a social view of life and an “all for one and one for all” view of humanity. Your parents have probably been amazed by your easy skill with computers. They may have even put you in charge of the family “upgrades” and purchases.

Beyond that, a number of psychics and people with new age views describe those born during this period as being “scouts” who will help alter human consciousness. They refer to numbers of you as indigo or crystal children who are intensely active, intuitive and are very independent. Many psychologists object to their views that this is “normal” for some people, as they might impact parental decisions regarding children diagnosed with ADHD causing them to refuse to medicate them. There are also a number of psychologists who help individuals with a creative nature, yet are struggling with mixing with society, to balance these qualities using medication when appropriate.

While it might have been quite difficult for parents to deal with such a high-energy child, your talents and skills may well have convinced them that you are worth their occasional exhaustion keeping up with you! One thing to know is that you are worthy of love and acceptance by others. As you grow through young adulthood, it becomes more and more clear that it is your responsibility to show your special gifts while appreciating those of others. As long as you follow this path, you won’t go wrong.

As the Uranus in Aquarius generation you are the cutting edge toward a new world that isn’t hampered by linear thinking, a “you OR me” world where we appear to be disconnected from each other’s well-being. You can honor our ancestors, yet realize that their values were appropriate to their times, not yours. Your lifestyle will guide the way for us to focus more on our mutual needs, rather than what is familiar and simply comfortable. Does the way a person lives work for everyone? If not, Uranus in Aquarius will offer the alternative, collaborative lifestyle that will allow your personal relationships and humanity in general to thrive. Hooray for your healing waters of new ideas!

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7 thoughts on “What Happens After 2012?

  1. Law 84

    I have read many an article about Uranus in Aries, and the other fire signs, but what about taurus? Xx I really would like to know xx

  2. Psychic Giovanna x5214

    The Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow child issue is a highly controversial one, and I have to agree with the label issue as not being a great idea to get stuck on.

    However, parents who want to help a highly creative, energetic child often explore many channels in order to avoid medication, which is at times, inevitable. We have to look at the whole person, big or little – not just the energetic or spiritual side, which means finding a great MD, pediatrician or family doctor.

    My sense is that labeling anyone puts them in a box an minimizes his or her unique individual nature. Take the word ‘psychic’…many of us do not share what we do with others socially because the label speaks louder than anything else.

    For parents with highly energetic, sensitive children I recommend the following books (I have two myself):

    The Drama of the Gifted Child, The Search for the True Self – By Alice Miller

    Spiritual Parenting, A Guide to Understanding and Nurturing the Heart of Your Child – By Hugh and Gayle Prather

    Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, How to Raise a Self-Disciplined, Responsible, Socially Skilled Child – Elias, Tobias, Friedlander

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Myself and a prominent Psychiatrist MD ( who REALLY believes in psychics and the para-normal by the way ) traced several so-called ” indigo children ” into adulthood……

    after 10 years,….ALL of them were either in & out of drug re-hab for drugs & alcohol or had serious mental issues to the point where they could not function in society and even hold a basic job…..some had extensive criminal records, some couldn’t even make it thru high school.
    ….seems all the parents did was live in denial of the fact that these kids needed special help for serious issues…..and as a result enabled them, and not in a good way.

    and they will save the world ????? I think not.

    Let’s stop slapping labels on our children and start treating them as the unique individuals that they are, all the while embracing and encouraging their gifts….. BUT getting them the help they need to overcome their obstacles so they can grow up, and at the very least, be able to cope with everyday life.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I’m insulted by the term ” indogo ” child……

    do the research, ( * extensive research over a 10 year period as I’ve done ), on these so-called ” indigo ” children first ,before you slap that label on anybody, especially children.

  5. Chrissi Matusevics

    someone told me that my son was a “Crystal Child”, but he was born April 29th 1992, so does that mean he isnt ?I was told I was an “Indigo child”, but I was born 14 February 1958, does that mean I’m something else ?

  6. PAt

    It has been my experience ( teaching art to kids for 50 years, non traditionally NOT in public School,) that the Pluto in Scorpio Gen. 1984 – 1995 includes MANY Brilliant Indigos. 10 – 12 years ago when they were ages 6 -12, I predicted that they would effect a Renaissance, and THERE THEY are; occupying wall street! At various times through the 11 year period of their births, mars, & most of the outer planets have passed through capricorn. That is quite evident, in the super organization with which they are running their encampment in Lafayette Square NY, complete with makeshift library & recycling center, entertainment, meditation sessions, therapists available, for those who need it. All for the purpose of tearing down the established; Pluto in Capricorn,
    Their younger siblings Uranus in Aquarius will provide the vision, & help them design the specifics of the New Age.


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