We’re Still Here: the Truth About 12/21/2012

It’s Safe to Come Out Now!

It looks like we’ve all made it through unscathed. Another doomsday prophecy has come and not come true. Yet some of us seem to fall for it every time. Remember Y2K? Yeah, I have to admit I fell for it, hook, line and sinker. But rather than dwell on all the hype surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar, let’s spend some time with our psychics getting to the truth behind those fateful numbers, 12/21/2012, and why we believed the doomsday prophecy behind them was real. Then, let’s look ahead to what 2013 has to offer us, via the predictions and advice we’ve all come to know, trust and rely on.

Why was 12/21/2012 really significant?

Raziel ext. 5377: The end of the world has been long anticipated by many fringe groups and doomsday prophets throughout history—this is nothing new. All reputable psychics and visionaries really see this apocalypse idea as a fiction created by mass hysteria of the old energies we are leaving behind. Stop letting mass hysteria rule your emotions! Psychic Raziel ext. 5377 can teach you how to think for yourself in 2013.

Lumina ext. 5087: I believe it is the start of a new period in which the veil will be taken off from our eyes to experience peace, harmony and understanding.

Beverly ext. 5747: The Mayan calendar seemed to end on this date. Whether they ran out of room on that large round rock the calendar was carved into, or this indicated the cycle will repeat itself over again from this date, we do not know. Doomsday scenarios speak more to our own fears and insecurities than to the reality that the world might indeed stop in some way.

This doomsday scenario brings up the issue of truths vs. tales. How can we be better at getting to the truth ourselves, rather than relying on others for it?

Tajah ext. 5732: Remember Y2K? We’re still standing! The universe is a huge clock. If you have wisdom and insight you will know what time it is. Just remember the past and you’ll see you had nothing to fear.

Raziel ext. 5377: Taking other people’s opinions about anything is such a slippery place to be and gets us into trouble when the source of information is just assumptions. Thinking for ourselves is about making educated and informed choices about what we choose to believe. Buying into other people’s belief systems is allowing your mind to be taken over.

Let’s look ahead to 2013. Going forward, what should our plans include?

Tajah ext. 5732: We should plan on moving forward with love, harmony and peace. Compassion and charity have become more a trend than ever.

Raziel ext. 5377: Our first priority is to reach a level of connection to our psychic self and create that vision of what we really want! 2013 is a very powerful year for manifesting our visions and desires globally and individually.

What do you see for us as a global community in 2013? What are the high and low points in our near future?

Tajah ext. 5732: The highs and lows will come in the form of riots, resistance, risings and rebuilding—a new approach that will be better for all. Don’t be afraid of change—be afraid of being afraid! Bring it on! I’m READY! So are you!

Lumina ext. 5087: The high point is that there is plenty in the universe for everyone. If we let ego get in the way, that will be our low point.

Beverly ext. 5747: As for the low points, we will get through them. Humanity is incredibly resilient and adaptive by nature and we will band and bond together and survive, telling stories and holding hands, even if around a virtual campfire now. Get through the low points of your life this year and next year with the help of Psychic Beverly ext. 5747. She has the tools your need to face anything head on!

So there you have it. There was nothing to worry about and there is plenty to look forward to in 2013. What will this new year bring to you? More importantly, what will you be doing in this new year to bring everything you want and deserve to your life? It’s easier than you think. Our psychics are waiting to help you make the most of 2013!

3 thoughts on “We’re Still Here: the Truth About 12/21/2012

  1. Mitra Mani

    No one can say what will happen in the future. This is the rule of the nature. The human being are the creator of God. We can believe on god only. The world is for human being for surviving them. The nature that mean god only knows the future of the earth.

  2. lll

    it did make me feel good ,reading yr article.hope every thing in the future is good for every one ,that includes for me and my family too!!! thank u.

  3. Mandi

    I had a psychic prediction myself after hearing years ago that the Mayan calender was going to end in 2012 & knew then that it would the Y2k hysteria all over again. Even back in 2000 I knew Y2K was a bunch of chicken little type BS.


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