Your LOVECAST™: A Relationship Reality Check

A dreary Venus-Saturn influence prompts a relationship reality-check at the start of the week. Flirtatiousness accelerates mid-week and intensifies during the Full Moon eclipse on New Year’s Eve, which heightens emotional volatility, too. Getting creative in your relationship or discovering new ways to meet people brings a romantic interlude this weekend. Happy New Year! Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Aries: A stumbling block may appear in your relationship with your boss or partner on Monday. Communications improve toward the middle of the week, when romance can be found through networking or while traveling. Thursday’s Full Moon energizes homey gatherings. Romance soars on Friday night through Saturday, and then escalates over the top on Sunday!

Taurus: Feelings seem chaotic on Monday, when your confidence may hit a temporary low point. Expressing what you feel can deepen love and bring admirers mid-week. Look for a moneymaking opportunity as well. The Full Moon on Thursday energizes flirting and other communications, so express yourself! Creating a beautiful ambiance and throwing party shows off your artistry this weekend.

Gemini: You may feel more vulnerable than usual on Monday. You’re back to your usual expressive self mid-week, when you’re a magnet for admirers. Expressing your appreciation to those you love can deepen your relationships (and rev up romance) during Thursday’s Full Moon. Networking or flirting online brings a romantic interlude this weekend!

Cancer: A close relationship (or the ability to attract a partner) feels stilted on Monday. A friend provides insights. Ideas for attracting or deepening romance bubble up from your unconscious mid-week, so write down your thoughts. Thursday’s Full Moon in your sign makes you a magnet for socializing. Some imaginative flirting heightens your powers of attraction this weekend!

Leo: Work is chaotic on Monday. Socializing with friends or coworkers can bring a romantic interlude mid-week. A cozy, intimate tryst sets passion ablaze during the Full Moon on Thursday. Spending time with a close friend can bring joy as well. Your charisma is on fire from Friday night through Sunday, so share your uniqueness!

Virgo: Monday isn’t the best day for socializing, so take some time for yourself. Networking can bring romance and career opportunities toward the middle of the week. Thursday’s Full Moon energizes activities with friends. Look for romance during group gatherings/projects and community events. Jazzing up your style and sharing your playful side inspires romance this weekend!

Libra: Focus on restoring and reviving your energy on Monday. An intuitive hit about the future of your love life comes to you toward the middle of the week. Look for love during spiritual gatherings. The Full Moon on Thursday can bring a relationship through a work project or coworker. Socializing soars this weekend, when group activities can bring romance.

Scorpio: Expressing your feelings may be challenging on Monday. Some verbal naughtiness, however, fires up passion mid-week! An exotic ambiance or trip inspires/attracts romance during Thursday’s Full Moon (and beyond). Your intuition will be especially strong too. A gathering of coworkers can bring romance on Friday. Sharing your expertise during a public gathering inspires romance this weekend.

Sagittarius: A clash of priorities with your sweetie is likely on Monday. A twosome tryst or socializing with close friends brings fulfillment mid-week. Daring to share your deepest feelings heats up passion during Thursday’s Full Moon. Romance can be found during a cultural activity on Friday. Sharing your sense of adventure inspires/attracts romance this weekend!

Capricorn: Love hits a speed bump at the start of the week, so be patient. A helpful activity can inspire/attract romance mid-week. Thursday’s Full Moon energizes partnership activities, so plan something fun with your sweetie or be on the lookout for someone new entering your life. Some extra creativity in the boudoir sets passion ablaze this weekend!

Aquarius: Love feels heavy and slow on Monday. Sharing your inventiveness through style, humor and insights inspires/attracts romance mid-week. Feelings are deep but chaotic during the Full Moon on Thursday. Look for romance during work-related activities. Your ability to attract a compatible partner escalates from Friday night through Sunday, so keep your heart open!

Pisces: A friend may be troublesome on Monday. Feelings are all over the place toward the middle of the week, so focus on what’s really important. Also, throwing a party can bring satisfaction and (perhaps a romantic interlude). Romance escalates during Thursday’s Full Moon, so reveal and express your feelings! A whimsical activity or locale inspires romance this weekend.

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