Your LOVECAST™: Dismal Communications and Emotional Stress

Dismal communications and emotional stress cause tension at the start of the week. Fortunately, romance blooms by Thursday, and gets progressively steamier over the weekend. Just watch out for overreactions on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Week of December 7 – 13, 2009

Sagittarius: A conflict over finances may arise on Monday. Socializing can stress you out on Tuesday and Wednesday, so avoid negative people and situations. Friends bring fun (and romance?) on Thursday and Friday. Look for love during group activities and community events. A peaceful, sexy ambiance inspires romance and ignites passion this weekend!

Capricorn: Keeping in touch with your feelings and expressing your ideas heighten your self-esteem at the start of the week. Try not to obsess over what you can’t change. A conflict with someone in authority is likely on Wednesday. Your leadership ability/expertise inspires romance on Thursday and Friday. Friends and group activities bring romance this weekend!

Aquarius: Work or other responsibilities can get in the way of romance at the start of the week. Taking some time for yourself uplifts you on Wednesday, so focus on your inner life. Learning something new attracts/inspires romance on Thursday and Friday. Love may come from afar, too. Revealing your deeper feelings inspires intimacy this weekend!

Pisces: Someone close to you may need your help (or drain your energy) at the beginning of the week. Knowing your boundaries will help keep things in perspective. A clash over social priorities may arise on Wednesday. Verbalizing your sexual needs heats up passion on Thursday and Friday! An exotic ambiance or trip inspires romance this weekend.

Aries: A coworker may be troublesome on Monday. A contretemps with your partner is likely on Wednesday. An intimate rendezvous on Thursday or Friday will help you reconnect. It’s also a good time to seek out someone new. A sexy tryst sets passion ablaze on Saturday, but complications (or irritations) can arise on Sunday.

Taurus: A miscommunication at work can cause a snafu at the start of the week. Security and freedom collide in romance on Tuesday. Your artistry draws admirers on Thursday and Friday, so show off your sense of style! A party for friends can bring joy as well. Your sultry side prompts a romantic interlude this weekend!

Gemini: An argument (over money?) may arise at the beginning of the week, when you’re feeling unusually controlling. A clash of wills is likely on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your imaginative side heats up a rendezvous on Thursday or Friday, so get creative. Hidden desires bubble up to the surface to set romance ablaze this weekend!

Cancer: Willfulness can unhinge your relationship at the beginning of the week. A conflict with a family member is likely on Wednesday. Creating an enticing ambiance for two inspires romance on Thursday. Your creativity in the boudoir sets passion ablaze on Friday or Saturday! Negative people can upset you on Sunday, so choose your companions wisely.

Leo: Shortsightedness can upset love at the start of the week, so strive to see all points of view. A coworker may irritate you on Wednesday. Flirting inspires a romantic interlude on Thursday or Friday. Look for romance while traveling, too. A rendezvous at your abode turns passionate on Friday or Saturday! You’re feeling willful on Sunday.

Virgo: Your boss or colleague may be a pain on Monday. Tuesday feels scattered, so strive to stay centered. An argument over money may arise on Wednesday. Your wit and charm make you irresistible on Thursday and Friday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity as well. A mix of naughty flirting and heartfelt talk fires up passion this weekend!

Libra: A stressful (family?) situation may need your attention at the beginning of the week through Wednesday. Try to lighten up and stay objective. Spending time with a lover or friends energizes you on Thursday and Friday, when your charisma kicks into high gear. Passion intensifies on Saturday. Romance and friendship vie for your time on Sunday.

Scorpio: Stubbornness may prompt an argument on Monday. An issue from the past arises mid-week and may impede your progress in love. Taking some time alone for introspection brings insights that can assist you. A serene ambiance inspires romance on Thursday and Friday. Your mystique kicks into high gear and draws admirers this weekend!

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