Your LOVECAST™: Commitment and Career Goals

It’s all about commitment and career goals toward the middle of the week. During the weekend, romance (and other opportunities) can be found through friends and groups. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday night and Sunday.

Aries: You’re all abuzz with sexual energy this week, compliments of the New Moon. Some deep-level emotional stuff may come up too, so take some time for introspection to release negative feelings. Romance can be found through a career activity mid-week. Look for opportunities to expand your work as well. Friendly gatherings and community activities attract/inspire love this weekend!

Taurus: The New Moon lands squarely in your partnership sector, which energizes activities (and issues) with your partner, or helps you meet someone compatible if you’re solo. Look for romance at an exotic locale/activity or during a spiritual gathering mid-week. Sharing your expertise in a public forum can bring a romantic interlude this weekend!

Gemini: Getting physical (gym flirtation) or being helpful (charity project) can bring a romantic interlude after the New Moon. It’s also a good time to start a diet and/or revamp your exercise routine. An earthy approach to romance fires up passion mid-week, when your instincts are awakened. Romance comes from afar or during a cultural/spiritual activity this weekend!

Cancer: The New Moon fires up your romance sector and makes you a magnet for admirers. If you’re already involved, getting creative in romance will energize your connection. Partnership energy continues into the middle of the week as well, so plan a rendezvous with a lover or close friend. Your unconventional side can set passion ablaze this weekend, so be inventive!

Leo: Creating an enticing ambiance for love (or a party for friends) energizes you, compliments of the New Moon in your home-life sector. Family activities (and issues) are also in focus. A work-related activity can bring romance mid-week. A twosome tryst sets passion ablaze this weekend! If you’re solo, keep your eyes open for someone special.

Virgo: Your words have the power to draw admirers or derail romance after the New Moon, so speak thoughtfully. A trip can attract/inspire love as well. Passion escalates mid-week, when your sensuality makes you irresistible! A creative project can bring satisfaction, too. Sharing your brainpower through humor and insights prompts a romantic interlude this weekend.

Libra: A romantic gesture or heartfelt words that express your appreciation inspire love after the New Moon. A moneymaking opportunity may materialize as well. Flirting brings a spontaneous tryst on Tuesday or Wednesday. Entertaining at home revs up romance on Thursday or Friday. Getting creative, both in and out of the boudoir, inspires romance this weekend!

Scorpio: The New Moon in your sign empowers your ability to manifest your desires, so get clear about what you want and go for it! Look for a financial opportunity on Tuesday and Wednesday. Romance can be found while traveling or during a class on Thursday or Friday. Throwing a party for friends (or just for two) energizes you this weekend.

Sagittarius: A peaceful locale in a dreamy setting inspires love after the New Moon. Your intuition will be activated, too, so pay attention to your dreams and hunches. Love needs a practical approach toward the middle of the week. A moneymaking opportunity may come your way as well. Your humor and knowledge make you a magnet for romance this weekend!

Capricorn: The New Moon energizes your social life and can bring romance through a friend or group activity. Look for love during a community event as well. Revisiting the past can inspire passion on Tuesday. Your charisma soars on Thursday and Friday, so plan a sexy rendezvous. Playfulness and spontaneity can bring a romantic interlude this weekend!

Aquarius: Love may feel complicated after the New Moon, when you’ll be challenged to access and share your deepest feelings. Look to advance your career as well. Romance can be found during a friendly gathering on Tuesday or Wednesday. A peaceful, spiritual setting can deepen romance on Thursday and Friday. Your brilliance comes out to play and draws admirers this weekend!

Pisces: The New Moon can open a window to the future, so pay attention to your intuition. Look for romance during a class or spiritual activity. A colleague or work activity can bring romance on Tuesday or Wednesday. Look for romance during a group project on Thursday and Friday. Revealing an unexpected side of your nature inspires romance this weekend!

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