Your LOVECAST™: Passion, Jealousy, Secrecy and Power Struggles

Lots of social energy this week! Venus entering Scorpio on Wednesday (through November 6) intensifies passion, along with jealousy, secrecy and power struggles in relationships. Keeping with the Scorpio theme, this weekend’s Moon in Scorpio can deepen feelings as well as bring up some emotional issues that need to be healed. Best days for socializing: Any day except Thursday, when the afflicted Moon in Libra can upset relationships.

Aries: Sharing your thoughts, feelings and resources with those close to you is the theme for this week. Scorpio influences fire up passion, especially during the weekend, but you may have to resolve an emotional issue for love to move forward. And don’t be surprised if you need some time alone to recharge your emotional batteries.

Taurus: Scorpio influences energize your partnership sector, making you crave some one-on-one time with someone special (a lover or close friend will do). It’s time to enjoy some shared activities with your sweetie. If you’re solo, you’ll likely meet someone new, as long as your heart is open. The weekend is especially lusty, but love may feel complicated, too.

Gemini: Giving of your time, energy and assistance to those less fortunate can bring you into contact with a potential partner this week. You may need to put away logic and access your instincts to attract or inspire love, though. Try to avoid a power struggle on Thursday. This weekend, romance may come through a work project or healthy activity.

Cancer: Passion sizzles this week, especially after Venus enters Scorpio on Wednesday, which energizes your romance sector. Your powers of attraction kick into high gear, so you can attract someone new. If you’re already paired, using your creativity when planning an activity (or something more intimate) will fire up passion, so let loose your imagination!

Leo: After the fun-loving energy on Monday, it’s time to explore a deeper, more complex side of love. You may feel the emotional extremes of hot and cold as passion heats up, which might trigger a problem with control or jealousy. Romance can be found through a colleague or when sharing your expertise, especially during the weekend.

Virgo: The New Moon in your sign on Wednesday energizes your charisma, while Scorpio influences heighten your self-expression. It’s time to make your desires known, even if it’s just to friends who can assist you. Look for romance while traveling or when taking a class. And be sure to share your brainpower this weekend!

Libra: Flirtatious energy early in the week gives way to more soulful (or tumultuous) interactions, which bring out your depth. You may need to work extra hard to come from a balanced place on Thursday, however. Your wit and charm draw admirers on Friday. Then your inner wanton comes out to play during the weekend!

Scorpio: Venus transiting through your sign during the next two months heightens your desire for a loving relationship and makes you more magnetic. Surrounding yourself with friends and beautifying your environment brings satisfaction. This weekend, emotions run high, which will either unhinge your equilibrium or fire up passion (or both!).

Sagittarius: Relationships from the past may be on your mind this week. It’s time to clear away emotional junk (wounds, resentment, anger) so you’ll have space in your heart for a positive relationship. Pay attention to your intuition, which is especially active now. A serene environment and soulful discussion will accelerate romance.

Capricorn: This week is an excellent time to connect with good friends and analyze and discuss your aspirations. Networking can bring romance and other opportunities. Getting involved in a group project will give you a sense of belonging to a greater whole. Look for romance during a community activity or through a group.

Aquarius: Scorpio influences energize your career sector this week, making you a magnet for opportunities to expand your influence. As such, look for romance while sharing your expertise and through career-related projects. A colleague might match you up with someone special. Love may seem irrational unless you’re in touch with your deeper feelings.

Pisces: Your vision for the future is getting empowered this week, which means it’s time to get your goals in gear. Your desire for knowledge is strong now, too. Taking a class will bring satisfaction, and perhaps a romantic interlude as well! Love can also be found through a spiritual activity or from afar or online.

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