Your LOVECAST™: The Planet of Love is Under Pressure

There’s no subtle way to say it: This is a wicked week for romance. Although Venus transits into harmonious Libra on Friday, the planet of love is under pressure from Uranus (upheaval and rebelliousness) and Saturn (restrictions and fearfulness), especially during the weekend. These influences can create a battle between freedom and commitment, and bring up any fears you’ve ever had concerning love. Mars is also being bombarded by challenging aspects, particularly by Pluto, which will intensify conflicts, so try not to overreact during stressful encounters. Best days for socializing (maybe): Monday and Thursday.

Aries: You may feel a bit embattled this week as your Mars ruler takes a hit from several planets. A test of cooperation or compromise may arise in a relationship. Thursday is a good day for flirting (and for other communications). Trying something new can inspire romance this weekend, but you might be hesitant to open your heart.

Taurus: Your sensuality heightens your powers of attraction at the start of the week, but your beleaguered Venus ruler can make it hard to express your feelings. Actually, you may feel (temporarily) uncertain about your ability to attract someone special. During the weekend, although socializing is unpredictable, you might find romance through work or a charity project.

Gemini: Socializing can bring new people into your life this week, but socializing in general can present some challenges, which might involve a power struggle or sexual issue. Still, your charisma and way with words draw admirers toward the middle of the week. Romance is intense this weekend, and may contain a test involving commitment or friendship.

Cancer: Friends bring joy at the start of the week, but socializing can hit some roadblocks thereafter. Mainly, you’re likely to experience a change of perspective about romance. Look at what attitudes, feelings or patterns need to be released so love can flow. This weekend, hosting a gathering of friends can bring delight, as long as you avoid negative people.

Leo: Look for love during a career activity on Monday. Mainly, the focus this week is on how well you express your needs, desires, and ideas. Your words can enhance or derail romance, depending on what you say and how you say it. A relationship discussion can inspire love this weekend, if you can avoid argumentativeness.

Virgo: Romance has the best chance of blooming on Monday. Mainly, this week is all about expressing what’s important to you in a relationship. Money might be an issue. Also, a clash of wills is likely, especially during the weekend. Strive to use your analytical ability to gain insights and to see the other person’s point of view.

Libra: With Venus and Mars afflicted in your sign, relationship opportunities and issues abound. Saturn will test your ability to stand strong in your individuality, while Uranus and Jupiter can awaken a need for more freedom and adventure in your life. Romance can be yours this weekend, if you know what you want and believe in yourself.

Scorpio: A sexy rendezvous can energize you on Monday. After that, romance will challenge your ability to be cooperative, objective, forgiving, or open-hearted. A lot depends on whether you use your power to control others or to be insightful, understanding, and supportive. This weekend, working through past emotional wounds/resentments will accelerate your love life.

Sagittarius: A natural environment inspires romance on Monday, but your overly stimulated Jupiter ruler will make it hard to settle down. Conversely, the intensity of Pluto and weight of Saturn might pressure you into making an unwise relationship decision. Taking some time away from socializing this the weekend will help guide you in the right direction.

Capricorn: Romance beckons on Monday, but you may need to overcome the urge to be controlling or defensive. That’s because Pluto, which is afflicted in your sign, might prompt you to hang on too tightly or to erect an emotional barrier. Being vulnerable can unhinge you, too. This weekend, socializing can bring an uplifting, depressing, or shocking development!

Aquarius: Your out-of-control Uranus ruler can bring out your inner extremist. The urge to rock the boat of love, through rash words or actions, might cast your relationship out to sea. If you’re solo, you’re likely to meet someone who challenges your beliefs, goals, or lifestyle. This weekend, a (tempestuous?) relationship can be found through an online source or from afar.

Pisces: Sharing your ideas while exploring a new environment will heighten romance on Monday. As for the rest of the week, a problem concerning security, money, commitment, or responsibility may need to be resolved for love to move forward. This weekend, a sexy tryst is possible if you can overcome a challenge involving timing, intimacy, or vulnerability.

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