Your LOVECAST™: A Conflict Between Romance and Friendship

The Moon in friendly Aquarius sets the stage for socializing at the start of the week, but an opposition from Venus on Tuesday evening can create a conflict between romance and friendship. Friday is all about fantasy (or elusiveness) in love. During the weekend, a jarring set of influences can unhinge romance on Saturday, but passion sizzles on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Monday, Friday, and Sunday.

Aries: Friends and other group gatherings energize you at the beginning of the week. It’s time to think of yourself as part of your community. Love needs sensitivity toward the middle of the week. A serene setting inspires romance on Friday. Passion escalates (out of control?) on Saturday and on into Sunday.

Taurus: Getting out in public at the start of the week, either through your work or after hours, can bring an opportunity to advance your career or meet a potential lover. Just be aware of mixed messages on Wednesday. Friends bring joy on Friday. You may feel conflicted on Saturday. Love needs a dose of daring on Sunday.

Gemini: You’re especially psychic about your love life (and other things) at the beginning of the week, particularly on Wednesday, so write down any intuitive nudges or dreams that come your way. An imaginative gesture can inspire romance mid-week. A friend may be troublesome on Saturday, but romance can be found through a friendly gathering on Sunday.

Cancer: The Sun-Mercury conjunction in your sign on Monday will heighten your mental clarity and self-expression, so share your ideas. Trying something new in the boudoir can set passion ablaze midweek. Romance may come from afar or through a class on Friday. Emotions are chaotic on Saturday. You’re motivated to pursue love on Sunday.

Leo: An intimate talk with your sweetie, especially about the past, can deepen your bond on Monday. A misunderstanding is likely to arise on Wednesday. A watery environment (lake, hot tub, bathtub) can heat up passion on Thursday and Friday. Anger fuels passion on Saturday. Exploring a new locale inspires romance on Sunday.

Virgo: Networking/socializing can bring a romantic interlude (or fun with friends) on Monday. Lending a helping hand brings satisfaction and perhaps new people into your life on Wednesday. A twosome tryst can bring delight on Thursday or Friday, but an issue may arise as well. Intimacy feels complicated or blocked on Saturday. Sunday is steamy.

Libra: A colleague may be instrumental in bringing romance on Monday, if you let your desires be known. Passion heats up on Tuesday. An unabashedly romantic setting, complete with candles, music, and poetry, will inspire romance on Wednesday. Romance can be found during a healthy activity on Friday. Partnership energy is combative on Saturday but in sync on Sunday.

Scorpio: Discussing the future inspires love on Monday. Pay attention to your intuition, too. Willfulness can upset romance on Tuesday. An unrealistic expectation or miscommunication is likely to unhinge love on Wednesday. Passion escalates on Thursday. Romance is sweet on Friday. A power struggle is likely on Saturday. A natural/healthy activity brings romance on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Discussing your sexual desires inspires passion on Monday, which is also a good day to promote you ideas at work. Verbalizing your feelings inspires love midweek. A homey date can bring satisfaction on Friday. Willfulness or freedom can upset love on Saturday. Your powers of attraction kick into high gear on Sunday.

Capricorn: A heartfelt talk with your significant other can bring positive results on Monday. It’s a good day to speak with a business partner, too. Sexual experimentation ignites passion on Tuesday. Revealing your feelings inspires romance on Thursday or Friday. A family conflict may arise on Saturday. Throwing a party energizes you on Sunday.

Aquarius: A mix of insight, wit and sensitivity inspires romance on Monday. You’re a magnet for admirers toward the middle of the week. Love may feel irrational on Thursday. Your whimsical side can heighten romance on Friday. Rash words derail love on Saturday, but sharing your thoughts and feelings inspires romance on Sunday.

Pisces: Your way with words can attract a romantic interlude on Monday, so express yourself! Your flair for creating an enticing, intimate ambiance can inspire romance on Wednesday. You may feel conflicted or overly emotional on Thursday. Your magnetism soars on Friday. You’ll feel unusually courageous when expressing your desires this weekend.

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