Your LOVECAST™: Romance is Unpredictable

An explosion of Venus influences this week will certainly energize, and sometimes derail, relationships. Romance at the beginning of the week is especially unpredictable for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Venus entering Cancer on Wednesday favors sensitive expressions of love, but power struggles from a Pluto opposition this weekend can upset romance, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Whatever happens, it won’t be dull. Best days for socializing: Wednesday (maybe) and Friday.

Aries: It’s a bumpy road on the way to expressing your feelings and ideas at the start of the week, so be mindful of what you say. Flirting can be fun, if a bit prickly, but you never back off from prickly, so go for it. A clash between security and change (perhaps concerning your home) can rattle romance this weekend.

Taurus: Afflictions to your Venus ruler may be a test in holding true to what’s important to you. Money issues may be at the core of relationship challenges now. An honest discussion about finances can help. It may become apparent by the weekend that a change of perspective about relationships will be needed to accelerate your love life.

Gemini: Venus afflicted in Gemini throughout most of the week may prompt you to take extreme action in a relationship, or hook-up with someone unreliable. Still, trying something new can bring a romantic interlude. Love may seem on shaky ground this weekend. Being centered in your feelings by not over-analyzing the situation can help.

Cancer: Emotions run high at the start of the week, when you’re a magnet for admirers. Romance beckons after Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday — if you can stay emotionally balanced. This weekend, a family pattern that affects your love life is likely to be in your face, so strive to see what’s behind the curtain of your past.

Leo: Insanity surrounds you in the social arena this week, so be picky about who you spend time with or stay home. Admirers flock to you mid-week, but you’ll need to take off the rose-colored glasses to see love clearly. A past relationship issue that needs to be healed/released may come back to haunt you this weekend.

Virgo: Your confidence in romance may soar on Monday, plunge into the pits on Tuesday and then turn around suddenly on Wednesday. Striking a balance would be nice. Feelings flow (even overflow) on Friday. You’ll likely feel some inner wobble this weekend, when a troublesome friend or group situation tests your patience.

Libra: Your beleaguered Venus ruler may set you, and your love life, on a strange course this week. Your intuition can guide you to the right people, places and situations, if you don’t let distractions throw you off track. Some inner resolve may be needed when someone close to you takes the reins this weekend.

Scorpio: Ignoring your feelings will cause your inner volcano erupt, and everyone else to run for cover. Your challenge will be to bring head and heart together so you can express yourself effectively, and at just the right moment. This weekend, seeking the underlying truth behind relationship discussions can take love to the next level.

Sagittarius: Chaotic partnership energy throughout the week can prompt some odd interactions with your sweetie. Or you might meet someone who is out of the ordinary (or downright peculiar). Feelings are unpredictable this weekend, too. Even so, expressing your feelings from a deep and sincere place can inspire a romantic interlude.

Capricorn: A rendezvous can energize you at the start of the week, if you don’t let a limiting belief about your love life get in the way. Venus entering Cancer on Wednesday energizes partnership activities over the next four weeks, but troubling behavior from your partner or close friend (or from you) can derail your relationship temporarily this weekend.

Aquarius: Romance can bring out the best and worst in you and your sweetie this week, especially if you try to run from emotional issues. Sit still and breathe. On that note, the urge for freedom can unhinge romance on Saturday, while any resistance you have about love and commitment may arise to be resolved on Sunday.

Pisces: Optimism casts a rosy glow over romance on Monday, only to have reality come crashing down on you on Tuesday or Wednesday. Just be sure the perceived “reality” isn’t just your fear talking. Still, you may need to step back and analyze the situation when a knee-jerk reaction upsets romance this weekend.

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