Your LOVECAST™: Love is Sweet and Sensitive

Friendly get-togethers are energized through much of the week. Just be aware of the stressful Sun-Moon-Mars conflict on Tuesday and Wednesday. Love is sweet and sensitive on Friday and Saturday, but relationship fears can haunt you on Sunday afternoon. Sunday night, however, is party time! Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday, Saturday night and Sunday night.

Aries: Your greatest chance for finding romance through most of the week comes through friends, community projects and group activities. Your argumentative side can unhinge discussions, however, so strive to see all points of view. A rendezvous in a peaceful setting inspires romance on Friday and Saturday. Your passion turns up the heat on Sunday night!

Taurus: Connecting with an online/long-distance love can bring satisfaction on Monday. You’re especially psychic that day, too, so listen to what your inner voice tells you about love. Synchronicities can provide insights as well. Romance may get rocky mid-week. Romance is dreamy on Friday and Saturday. Socializing feels stilted on Sunday.

Gemini: Sharing your vision and knowledge throughout the week heightens your chances of attracting a partner who can match your brainpower. Just try to avoid sparring and competitiveness with others. Revealing your sensitivity can deepen/attract love on Friday and Saturday. Romance feels capricious on Sunday, but friends bring joy during the evening.

Cancer: Relationship talks are especially favorable on Monday, so have a heartfelt discussion with your sweetie or flirt outrageously with someone new. You’ll probably feel pulled in different directions when trying to please others mid-week, so take some quiet time to get centered. Romance may come from an online source or during a spiritual activity this weekend!

Leo: A power struggle can arise with your partner or close friend this week if one of you feels pushed by the other. Strive to see the situation from the other’s perspective. Using your imagination, such as acting out a fantasy, revs up romance on Friday and Saturday. An exotic ambiance fires up passion on Sunday night!

Virgo: Communications and travel energize romance on Monday, a favorable time for an online hook-up, a romantic getaway or expressing your feelings to someone you love. Your insightfulness helps you sidestep a prickly situation mid-week. A twosome tryst can be especially delightful on Friday and Saturday, but a commitment or work issue may upset love on Sunday.

Libra: Verbalizing your feelings during an intimate tÍte-‡-tÍte can accelerate romance on Monday. You’re a magnet for admires toward the middle of the week, but you’ll have to weed out some bizarre prospects before you find a gem. Access the poetry in your soul to heighten romance on Friday and Saturday. Love seems irrational on Sunday.

: Brainy, humorous or naughty flirting attracts romance on Monday. You’ll likely be irritated by your boss, partner or family member (or all three!) mid-week, a difficult time for resolving problems. Hosting a gathering can bring delight on Thursday. Opening your heart brings romance on Friday and Saturday! Love may seem unattainable on Sunday.

Sagittarius: How you verbalize your thoughts and feelings will determine the outcome of romantic interludes (or lack thereof) throughout much of the week, so speak thoughtfully. Traveling with a lover or friend energizes you on Thursday. Throwing an imaginative party can show off your creativity on Friday or Saturday. Sunday night is lusty!

Capricorn: Your eloquence makes you a magnet for romance and other opportunities on Monday, so share your ideas! Being true to yourself will be the test as you find yourself at odds with the priorities of others mid-week. Be mindful about spending, too. Romance can be found while traveling or through an online source this weekend.

Aquarius: Your admirers declare you’re brilliant, while your detractors claim you’re unreliable. How you direct your energy this week will determine which side of the coin you reveal. In either case, your path will be clearer by Thursday. Your whimsical side inspires romance on Friday and Saturday. Fiery flirting sets passion ablaze on Sunday night!

Pisces: You may feel unusually restless throughout much of the week as your unconscious tries to illuminate what’s hidden. Is there an issue concerning a past or present relationship (or something else) that needs to be resolved? Meeting someone special is very likely on Friday or Saturday. Moodiness may set you back a step or two on Sunday.

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