Your LOVECAST™: Flirting, Chats and Texting

Your feelings are deep and tumultuous on Monday. Flirting, chats and texting rev romance up toward midweek – when love gets adventurous! Romance is sensual and grounded on Saturday, but unpredictable on Sunday. The best days for socializing? Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Week of October 19 – 25, 2009

Libra: Expressing your appreciation helps love to bloom on Monday. Learning something new can inspire romance on Tuesday or Wednesday – when a brain-to-brain connection makes passion sizzle! Look for love while traveling, too. Rash words disrupt love on Thursday., but a homey rendezvous raises the temperature again on Friday or Saturday. Logic clashes with instincts on Sunday.

Scorpio: Your mystique is irresistible on Monday! A spiritual discussion or activity attracts romance on Tuesday or Wednesday – or an exotic environment might also start the motor running. A spending issue may upset love on Thursday, and you’ll want to watch out for argumentativeness on Friday. Expressing your feelings inspires love on Saturday, though your family may irritate you come Sunday.

Sagittarius: An intimate date in a serene location heats passion up on Monday. You’re on fire with enthusiasm on Tuesday and Wednesday, when your sense of humor is utterly irresistible! Others find you willful or unpredictable on Thursday, when commitment issues are also likely to arise. A loving gift or gesture inspires romance on Saturday, but hasty words may upset love on Sunday.

Capricorn: A gathering can bring a romantic interlude on Monday, so plan something fun with your friends. Shedding your inhibitions helps passion to soar on Tuesday and Wednesday! Your intuition is unusually active, as well. Love may clash with work on Friday, though your powers of attraction peak on Saturday. Moodiness might upset love on Sunday, though, so watch out for that.

Aquarius: A secret may be revealed on Monday – and on Tuesday or Wednesday, a community event or group activity might bring opportunities (professional, social or romantic). Socializing is chaotic on Thursday, when friends may come around with insights or trouble – or both! Take some quiet time on Friday. A cozy encounter brings out your sensuality on Saturday, and you’ll find yourself behaving unpredictably on Sunday.

Pisces: Your feelings are likely to deepen on Monday. Socializing advances romance and other types of opportunity on Tuesday and Wednesday, when love may be found through a colleague – look to advance your career around then as well. A clash with a superior is likely on Thursday, and a group activity or community event could inspire romance on Saturday. You’ll be feeling a bit antsy on Sunday.

Aries: Feelings are hot – but complicated – on Monday. You’re likely to resist being tied down with commitments between Tuesday and Thursday, when your adventurous side may come out to play. Look for love during a class or a spiritual activity around then. Duty collides with romance on Friday. A leisurely massage can turn hot on Saturday, but socializing gets on your nerves when Sunday rolls around.

Taurus: Passion soars on Monday, so plan on some quality time with your sweetie – or keep your eyes open for someone new. Trying something different between the sheets will enhance passion on Tuesday and Wednesday, though by Thursday feelings will be unpredictable – and on Friday, it may be tough to express your emotions. Naughtiness sets lust astir on Saturday, but a clash of priorities is likely on Sunday.

Gemini: Your instincts emerge – delightfully – on Monday. Your wit and flirtatiousness inspire romance on Tuesday and Wednesday, so show off that brainpower! Your partner is easily irritated on Thursday, but acknowledging their point of view helps you get love back on track. Your way with words inspires romance on Saturday. Objectivity, however, collides with passion come Sunday.

Cancer: Your lusty side emerges on Monday, when creativity in the boudoir sets passion ablaze! Look for romance during a work project or a healthful activity on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday is chaotic, and a clash of values may arise on Friday. A romantic romp energizes you on Saturday, but abrasiveness can be a problem on Sunday.

Leo: An argument may derail your love life on Monday, though your playfulness heats things up a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday. Getting a little inventive in the bedroom revs up romance, as well! Love may throw you a curveball on Thursday, so strive to stay centered. Romance feels heavy on Friday. Flirting turns up the heat on Saturday, but willfulness can derail love briefly on Sunday.

Virgo: Your naughty side takes over on Monday, though you’ll want to make sure you avoid gossip at work. A sexy rendezvous at home on Tuesday or Wednesday will light some enjoyable fires. Family may irritate you on Thursday. Romance skyrockets on Saturday, so plan something fun with your sweetie – or be open to attracting someone new. Feelings may get complicated on Sunday.

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