Your LOVECAST™: Disrupting and Transforming Your Relationships

The month-long clash between stodgy Saturn and progressive Uranus peaks this week, which can disrupt and transform your relationships and other areas of your life. What (or whom) do you need to release in order to grow? The New Moon in Virgo on Friday – and Venus entering Virgo on Sunday – favor analyzing ways to improve your love life. This weekend, Moon in Libra energizes romance. The best days for love: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Week of September 14 – 20, 2009

Virgo: The current Saturn-Uranus opposition challenges you to break away from old relationship patterns and create a true partnership. In the meantime, hidden desires come out to play at the start of the week. The New Moon in your sign helps you realize your dreams and desires. This weekend, an expression of appreciation prompts a romantic interlude!

Libra: Your work undergoes a shift of priorities during the current Saturn-Uranus opposition, which might reveal a hidden talent that needs to be explored. In romance, a group gathering can bring love at the start of the week. Love blooms in a serene environment after Friday’s New Moon. This weekend, you’re antsy for action on Saturday – and a magnet for admirers on Sunday!

Scorpio: Breaking free of the past and finding a fresh perspective about love are the gifts of the current Saturn-Uranus influence. Early this week, romance can be found during an activity connected with your career. Friday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of socializing. A beautiful, serene environment inspires romance this weekend. Remember to heed your intuition!

Sagittarius: The current Saturn-Uranus opposition can help free you of old family patterns that have created relationship roadblocks. At the start of the week, romance can be found during a class or cultural event. Friday’s New Moon energizes your career. This weekend, socializing is irksome on Saturday, but romance can be found at a group gathering on Sunday.

Capricorn: Stating the truth (to yourself and others) and exploring new ideas will transform your life during the current Saturn-Uranus influence. In the romance arena, intimacy deepens at the start of the week. Learning something new attracts romance after Friday’s New Moon. This weekend, taking the lead in love and expressing your feelings could both inspire a romantic interlude!

Aquarius: A tug-of-war ensues between freedom (maybe financial freedom?) and responsibility during the current Saturn-Uranus opposition. In romance, a hot date can bring satisfaction at the start of the week. Forgiveness is the key to relationship success after Friday’s New Moon. Love blooms in an exotic ambiance, or during a spiritual gathering this weekend!

Pisces: Your role in relationships and what you want from a partner undergo a shift during the current Saturn-Uranus opposition. In the meantime, your artistry draws admirers at the beginning of the week. Partnership energy soars after Friday’s New Moon. This weekend, the sharing of dreams, feelings and more physical delights accelerate the passion!

Aries: The current clash between Saturn and Uranus prompts you to break free of self-imposed limitations, so you can forge a new path. Romance heats up at the start of the week. Look for love during work-related activities after Friday’s New Moon. This weekend, irritations arise with your partner on Saturday, but romance beckons on Sunday!

Taurus: The current Saturn-Uranus influence creates new socializing opportunities that can widen your horizons – if you choose your companions wisely. In the romance arena, throwing a party can bring delight at the start of the week. Romance can be found during a class after Friday’s New Moon. Creating an artsy, sexy ambiance revs up romance this weekend!

Gemini: Change can disrupt your career activities during the Saturn-Uranus opposition – this week, and beyond. What new goals would you like to pursue? As for love, your way with words inspires romance at the beginning of the week. Friday’s New Moon gives you the urge to entertain. Passion sizzles on Saturday, and your creative flair draws admirers on Sunday!

Cancer: The current dance between Saturn and Uranus broadens your spiritual beliefs, and gives you a glimpse of the future. In the romantic arena, expressing your appreciation inspires love at the start of the week. Friday’s New Moon prompts you to reveal your feelings. Throwing a party can energize both friendship and romance this weekend – so be creative!

Leo: Take some quiet time during the current Saturn-Uranus influence to repair, restore and revitalize your inner life. As for romance, your charisma draws admirers at the beginning of the week. Reminiscing about the past can deepen love during Friday’s New Moon. Your flirting skills make you irresistible this weekend! A trip will attract romance as well.

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