Your LOVECAST™: Unrealistic Expectations and Mixed Messages

Tuesday’s Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn supports commitment, but a Neptune affliction to Venus and Mars fosters unrealistic expectations and mixed messages. Midweek is all about friendship and group gatherings, but the weekend favors sharing your spiritual vision – and adding a touch of fantasy to spice up your sex life! Best day for love: Wednesday.

Week of July 6 – 12, 2009

Cancer: The Full Moon at the start of the week energizes interactions with your partner, or heightens your chances of attracting someone new. Shared ideas can deepen love on Wednesday. Reminiscing about the past or discussing your spiritual views inspires romance, from midweek through Friday. Love is mystifying on Saturday, and delightfully sinful on Sunday!

Leo: Shared work or lending a helping hand inspires love during the Full Moon at the start of the week. Just be sure you’re communicating clearly. Flirting during a group activity makes passion soar on Wednesday! Friends bring fun and insights midweek through Friday, so plan a get-together. Focus on a deeper heart connection to inspire romance this weekend.

Virgo: Romance gets a dose of sizzle from the Full Moon at the beginning of the week. On the downside, a misunderstanding may be at work. Your sense of humor attracts admirers on Wednesday, so show off your wit! Analyzing past and present relationships will prompt a breakthrough by Friday. Head and heart clash on Saturday, but Sunday is soulful.

Libra: The Full Moon favors entertaining at home, or just enjoying a homey date with your lover. Create an enticing atmosphere. Passion escalates during a glorious round of flirting on Wednesday! Use your creative talents to rev up romance from the middle of the week through Friday. Love seems irrational on Saturday. Use your imagination to fire things up on Sunday.

Scorpio: Flirting is on fire during the Full Moon, but avoid game-playing while you’re having fun. Talking about your emotional and sexual desires on Wednesday can take your love life to the next level! Analyzing romance sheds light on the future of your love by Friday. Be creative in the boudoir to make passion escalate this weekend, especially on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Tuesday’s Full Moon illuminates (and perhaps challenges) what you value most in relationships, and in other areas of your life. Hiding the truth, however, can derail love – so be honest. Speaking from the heart will accelerate things on Wednesday through Friday. A homey date in an exotic atmosphere revs up the weekend!

Capricorn: Tuesday’s Full Moon in your sign heightens your powers of attraction all week, but you’ll need to be clear about your intentions. Surprising your sweetie with a night out will ignite some fireworks on Wednesday, or possibly Friday. Focus on being best friends, too. A mix-up can upset your plans on Saturday. Flirting sets passion ablaze on Sunday!

Aquarius: Talking about the past can heighten the connection between you and your sweetie during the Full Moon at the start of the week. Yet you may feel elusive about commitment. Your charisma kicks into high gear from Wednesday through Friday, while your intuition is especially strong. Sharing the guidance of your heart will attract and inspire love on the weekend.

Pisces: Socializing with friends energizes you during Tuesday’s Full Moon. It’s also time to be clear about what you want in love – and express it. In the middle of the week your psychic ability can illuminate the future of your love life. You’re especially sensitive (and alluring) on Friday. A miscommunication is likely to derail love on Saturday, but you’re irresistible on Sunday!

Aries: The Full Moon can make you cautious about love at the beginning of the week, when work or other responsibilities may interrupt your social plans. Wednesday is a good time to discuss your dreams for the future. Look for romance during an outing with friends, midweek through Friday. An enticing, sexy environment revs up romance this weekend, especially on Sunday!

Taurus: You might feel a tug-of-war between your career and your personal life at the start of the week, because of the Full Moon – but don’t let your practical side overpower your aspirations. A colleague offers insights on Wednesday. Romance can be found during a career activity from the middle of the week through Friday. Friends instigate a romantic interlude this weekend.

Gemini: The Full Moon energizes intimacy at the beginning of the week, if mixed messages don’t unhinge your plans. Romance escalates on Wednesday, when your brainpower makes you irresistible – so flirt intelligently! A trip or spiritual activity can inspire a romantic interlude midweek through Friday. Use your intuition and sensitivity to inspire love this weekend.

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