Your LOVECAST™: Reveal What’s In Your Heat

Revealing what’s in your heart inspires love at the start of the week.
Passion and willfulness escalate, midweek. The Moon in Sagittarius
fires up over the weekend, but disruptions from Saturn and Uranus can
derail romance. Best days for love: Monday and Tuesday.

Week of June 29 – July 5, 2009

Cancer: Dinner at your abode and a romantic or artsy DVD will inspire love at the start of the week. Your mystique is irresistible midweek, so plan a sexy date with that someone, or seek out a new connection while socializing with friends. A misunderstanding can cause emotional chaos this weekend. Strive to see all points of view.

Leo: Heartfelt words and playful flirting inspire love on Monday and especially Tuesday. Expressing appreciation makes love bloom as well. You’re feeling charged up and willful mid-week, when an embarrassing situation can turn into a passionate interlude! You’re ready for action this weekend, but lack of money or interrupted plans can throw you off track.

Virgo: Your sense of style makes you irresistible at the start of the week, so put work aside and throw a party (for two?). Flirting brings out your naughty side and makes passion sizzle, midweek. A trip can inspire romance as well. A conflict between freedom and duty arises this weekend. Lighten up, to inspire love!

Libra: The cosmos smiles on your love life on Monday – and especially Tuesday. Look for love during a friendly gathering or unusual activity. Your creativity is on fire as well. Passion can get out of control, maybe in a good way, midweek, when your instincts take over! Flirting makes passion soar this weekend – if you can avoid argumentativeness.

Scorpio: Serene or artsy surroundings help love to soar at the beginning of the week, so plan a cozy night in. You’re especially intuitive, too, so take some quiet time for meditation and heed your inner voice. Your magnetism skyrockets mid-week, but you’ll be irritated easily. You’re all fired up this weekend, but socializing could feel stilted or unreliable.

Sagittarius: A gathering of friends can bring romance and other opportunities at the beginning of the week. Your powers of attraction are especially strong on Tuesday. A hot date at your abode energizes you mid-week. Heed your intuition, too. Your charisma draws admirers this weekend, but you’ll be on shaky ground emotionally.

Capricorn: Fine food and drink in a luxurious setting inspire romance at the start of the week. A career opportunity may present itself, too. A steamy encounter is nearly assured midweek. Spending time with friends can bring joy as well. You’re unusually restless this weekend, when issues around control or secrecy can ignite an argument.

Aquarius: The future of your love life can be yours to see – if you heed your intuition at the beginning of the week. Look for love during a class or a spiritual gathering. You’re feeling unusually contentious or moody in the middle of the week. Your wild child comes out to play this weekend, which may prompt some criticism from others.

Pisces: Your imagination can heighten a romantic interlude on Monday or Tuesday, so be creative! Letting go of an old emotional wound will also open the door to love. Your sexy side comes out to play midweek, when passion escalates. You’re feeling unpredictable this weekend. Mixed messages can throw love off track, so strive for clarity.

Aries: An outing for two can bring delight at the beginning of the week, so plan a date with your sweetie – or keep your eyes open for someone new and fabulous. Lust escalates in the middle of the week, although feeling vulnerable can throw you off balance. Passion sizzles in an exotic ambiance this weekend, but a family conflict may disrupt your plans.

Taurus: Use your artistry to create an enticing ambiance for love at the start of the week. Your sensuality draws others like a magnet on Wednesday and Thursday, but a clash of wills or a miscommunication can derail your plans. Your daring side revs up romance this weekend, but a friend may be troublesome.

Gemini: Your charisma kicks into high gear at the beginning of the week, when a romantic interlude can deepen love – if you come from the heart. Feelings are hot but irrational, midweek. Look for romance during a healthful (or helpful) activity. Partnership challenges (responsibility? family?) abound this weekend. Strive to compromise.

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