Love on Fire

If you’ve ever completely lost your heart and head in a steamy, secret love affair – a liaison that your practical side knew you never should have gotten involved in – you’ll relate to this story about Paula and Erik (not their real names), declares Liam ext. 9290, a Clairsentient and Empath who specializes in complex love relationships.

The fervor with which the couple’s undeniable attraction grew as they admitted their feelings made it impossible for either of them to do anything but be consumed by their passion, he explains. When Paula first called Liam about Erik she wondered if she hadn’t been mistaken about his recent remarks to her. “I really don’t know what to do about this, or who to talk to…”

Liam felt an immediate connection to his forty-something caller. He quickly intuited that Paula was intelligent, highly respected, and hiding her true feelings about the situation. “I’ve seen Erik at church and my country club… I noticed him looking at me quite obviously. I think – and I find it hard to believe this – that he made a suggestive remark to me this morning on the golf course,” Paula revealed in a surprisingly reserved manner.

At this point, Liam began profiling Erik as a community leader, a good father, very attractive, a conversationalist… From the little she knew about him, Paula confirmed his description, but hesitated when the psychic added, “desperate for affection, with a tumultuous inner life.”

The information began pouring out as Paula began to ask question after question, in response. “I could hardly keep up with her,” Liam reveals. “The more I gave her, the more she let her guard down. She was shocked that she would have a connection with Erik that could eventually overwhelm her sense of propriety. I also told Paula that her husband had turned out to be someone she wasn’t proud of… Erik’s marriage was marred by boredom and a death of intimacy.”

At one point, not sure that Paula was actually digesting the serious nature of what the Tarot cards were laying out in front of him, Liam asked Paula to stop – and consider the potential of what he was telling her. The Lover’s card and the Chariot card, which were linked to her Venus energy, pointed to big decisions, and the kind of desire that had the energy to run rampant over any worries about moral or social propriety either of them might have. It could break up their lives as they knew them, and test them spiritually. “The Lover’s card offers great potential, but not without sacrifice – as in Dr. Zhivago,” Liam told her. “And sometimes we don’t have free will as to where love will take us.”

Paula listened, captivated, yet she ended that first call by saying, “I really think my marriage is just fine.”

Paula and Erik began seeing each other for innocent cups of coffee and friendly conversation, riddled with innuendo and physical restraint, Liam reports. Eventually, things got steamy. The pair would meet secretly to steal a kiss in a park, brush against each other after church, intertwine hands on the golf course. Before a year was over the couple gave in to their passion completely.

At this point Liam was using Manara Tarot cards (designed by an Italian artist and based on erotic themes) in many of his calls with Paula. The cards suggested that Paula could keep her marriage and her affair separate. But in time, she found that there was more to her husband’s mysterious business practices than she had ever dreamed, and she requested a separation.

Erik admitted the affair to his wife, who was now making angry efforts to ruin his business and his status in the community. She was also going after Paula, who finally revealed to Liam that she was herself a media figure. “We keep breaking up, but we are intimately engulfed in each other… we can’t stay away for very long.”

“What is Erik thinking?” she would often ask Liam during their talks, and she was still toying with the same question almost two years into their affair.

“He’s insecure, he feels bad about all of the unending gossip and the effect on his children, and he hates himself, and he loves you. He thinks he should stay with his wife, but he knows that he can’t. His wife is using his family to try to get back at him, but it’s just making things more painful.”

“And what about me, what can I do about Erik’s wife?” she asked.

“Sometimes when you’re under attack it’s best not to put any energy into it. I see you maintaining an attitude of nonchalance,” the psychic advised.

“That makes sense. I feel bad for her, actually.”

“What do you see happening in the long run?” Paula asked, bravely, caring and not caring about the answer. “At least both of us did something about our unhappiness,” she continued. “No matter what happens, I’m a woman in her forties who has finally experienced honest, painful,” and, she emphasized, “fulfilling passion.”

“Sometimes great love demands tragedy. Perhaps it’s sharpening you to hang tough together, and in time, to grow old together,” Liam suggested.

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