Your LOVECAST™: Willfulness and Jealousy Get In the Way of Love

Cooperation is the challenge for romance at the start of the week, when willfulness and jealously can get in the way of love. Passion heats up mid-week and then skyrockets during the Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius this weekend. Dare to be yourself!


Week of June 1 – 7, 2009

Gemini: Romance is hot and complicated at the start of the week, when compromise is difficult. Promote your creative project on Tuesday. Your instincts take over to rev up passion mid-week. A sexy night out fires you up on Friday! The twosome energy of the Full Moon helps you strengthen or attract a relationship this weekend.


Cancer: An issue with a family member may arise on Monday. A cozy night in at your abode can deepen love on Tuesday. Romance skyrockets mid-week through Friday. Creating an enticing ambiance can inspire a passionate interlude. Your courageousness inspires love during this weekend’s Full Moon, so do something out of the ordinary.


Leo: Rash words can derail romance (and other relationships) on Monday, but a heartfelt expression of love makes romance bloom on Tuesday. A clash of wills is likely mid-week, when your stubborn streak emerges. Passion is hot but complicated on Friday. Your powers of attraction draw multiple admirers (or one special paramour!) this weekend.


Virgo: A problem over money may arise with your sweetie or business partner on Monday. Your creativity (in the bedroom?) enhances a romantic encounter on Tuesday. Your mystique makes you irresistible mid-week. Flirting heats up passion on Friday. It’s party time during the Full Moon this weekend, so show off your influence by arranging a gathering.


Libra: You’re feeling especially willful on Monday but ready for a loving interlude on Tuesday, when your powers of attraction are strongest. Feelings are deep and instinctual mid-week. Romance needs an expression of your deepest feelings on Friday. Your words inspire romance during the Full Moon this weekend, so show off your eloquence.


Scorpio: You feel unusually antsy for a change on Monday. An intimate locale makes love bloom on Tuesday. An argument turns into a passionate encounter mid-week. Your powers of attraction draw an array of admirers on Thursday and especially on Friday. Naughty playfulness makes you hard to resist during the Full Moon this weekend.


Sagittarius: Confusion during a group endeavor can be irritating on Monday. Friends bring joy on Tuesday. A sexy, serene ambiance makes passion soar mid-week. Your intuition is especially strong on Friday, when you might feel like reminiscing about a past relationship. Your charisma is on fire during the Full Moon in your sign this weekend.


Capricorn: How your career affects your relationship will be the focus at the beginning of the week. Tuesday is a delightful time for a romantic rendezvous. Romance can be found during a gathering of friends mid-week. Friday is especially hot. Throw caution out the door and dare to express your feelings during this weekend’s Full Moon,


Aquarius: Love can be found during a class or spiritual activity at the start of the week. You’ll be irritated easily on Wednesday. A work project can turn into a romantic evening on Thursday or Friday, but things can get complicated. A gathering of friends or community activity prompts a romantic interlude during this weekend’s Full Moon.


Pisces: An artsy atmosphere inspires love at the beginning of the week. Share your creativity and sense of style! You’re a magnet for romance mid-week, when your lusty side comes out to play. Just know you deserve the best in a partner. Your whimsical sense of humor draws admirers during the Full Moon this weekend.

Aries: A clash of wills can derail romance at the start of the week. Love resumes its sweetness on Tuesday. Intimacy deepens mid-week, and a spontaneous tryst can rev up romance on Friday. This weekend, the Full Moon makes you antsy for a romantic escape, so plan a getaway with a lover or friend.


Taurus: Your sense of style draws admirers at the beginning of the week – if you don’t get into a tug-of-war over control. Your sensuality fires up a romantic rendezvous mid-week, either with your sweetie or someone new. This weekend’s Full Moon brings out your wild side, so go for what (or who!) you want.

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