Your LOVECAST™: The Prime Time for Love

Analyzing your relationship brings clarity (if not romance) at the start of the week. Thursday night is primetime for love! Conversely, a Venus-Pluto square can stir up your dark side this weekend, so strive to stay centered.

Week of April 27 – May 3, 2009

Taurus: A clash with your sweetie over money is likely to arise at the beginning of the week. Analyzing your finances can help. Flirting or traveling can bring a pleasant surprise (romantic interlude?) mid-week. Throwing a party energizes you on Friday or Saturday. An exotic ambiance (in or out of the bedroom) makes passion sizzle this weekend!

Gemini: Your confidence or energy is low at the start of the week, so focus on the positive to lighten things up. A heartfelt expression of feelings inspires love mid-week. Your way with words makes passion sizzle on Thursday night! A trip can inspire romance on Friday. Romance heats up on Saturday. Subtlety inspires love on Sunday.

Cancer: You’re antsy to break away from routine at the start of the week. A confrontation is likely on Tuesday, so try to remain objective. Your charisma makes you irresistible mid-week, especially on Thursday! A gesture of appreciation inspires love on Friday. Flirting heats up passion this weekend, but overly intense feelings can derail romance.

Leo: Socializing can distract you away from work at the beginning of the week. A past lover may be on your mind on Tuesday or Wednesday. Creating an enticing, serene ambiance for love heats up passion on Thursday. Show off your creativity to inspire love on Friday. Your mystique is irresistible on Saturday! Love needs finesse on Sunday.

Virgo: You may feel hindered (by your boss?) at the beginning of the week. A friend may need your help mid-week. Contacts can bring romance or a professional opportunity on Thursday, so access your outgoing side and socialize! Love blooms in an artsy environment on Friday. Show off your wit and style to attract a sexy interlude this weekend.

Libra: Your analytical side can provide insights at the beginning of the week, so do some soul-searching about what you really want. A date or socializing with friends energizes you on Thursday. Love can be found through a group activity on Friday. Friends bring adventure on Saturday. Love blooms in a serene locale on Sunday.

Scorpio: An objective look at emotional and sexual intimacy can bring insights at the beginning of the week. Irritations may erupt into an argument on Tuesday. An exotic environment heats up passion mid-week. A clash of wills can derail love on Friday. Drama heightens passion but can make you overeact this weekend, so stay centered.

Sagittarius: An issue about responsibility or commitment in your relationship arises at the start of the week. Your nurturing side inspires romance mid-week. You’re fired up on Thursday night, so plan a romantic rendezvous! Passion is hot and complicated on Friday. Romance can be found from afar or during a class on Saturday. Love needs thoughtfulness on Sunday.

Capricorn: Feelings are heavy or detached on Monday and confrontational on Tuesday. Fortunately, sharing your feelings with a partner makes romance flow on Wednesday. Entertainment (movie… concert… role-playing) heats up passion on Thursday. Your controlling side can derail romance this weekend. Seeing the bigger picture helps get love back on track.

Aquarius: An issue about how you spend your time can throw love off track at the start of the week. Your imaginative side inspires romance on Tuesday, although feelings can get complicated as the day progresses. Your sense of fun inspires passion on Thursday. Love deepens in a natural ambiance this weekend. Think spa, hiking and haute cuisine!

Pisces: Mixed feelings about your love life can unhinge you at the start of the week, so strive for clarity. Romance soars on Wednesday. A spontaneous rendezvous or a change of scene fires up passion on Thursday. Your artistry can inspire a romantic interlude on Friday. Love is dreamy (illusive?) on Saturday. A twosome encounter energizes you on Sunday.

Aries: Work and finances can get in the way of romance at the start of the week. A cozy rendezvous at your abode inspires love mid-week. Your powers of attraction are particularly strong on Thursday, so plan something fun with your sweetie or get out there and meet someone new. Fine dining makes love bloom this weekend, but you’ll be irritated easily, too.

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