Your LOVECAST™: The Urge to Get Physical

Fantasy soars during a steamy Venus-Mars conjunction in Pisces at the start of the week. Venus and Mars entering Aries set passion aflame mid-week, while Friday’s New Moon in Taurus heightens the urge to get physical. Such sensual indulgences carry over into the weekend, but willfulness can derail love on Sunday.

Week of April 20 – 26, 2009

Taurus: Your magnetism draws admirers at the beginning of the week, when you’re especially imaginative in the boudoir! You may feel unusually antsy for fulfillment in love after Venus and Mars enter Aries this week. Friday’s New Moon in your sign launches a new personal path. Your sensuality makes you irresistible this weekend.

Gemini: Your creativity shines in your career at the start of the week, so promote your ideas. A flirtation at work can fire you up, too. Networking with friends and groups can bring opportunities mid-week. Romance can be found through a friendly gathering as well. The New Moon inspires a cozy rendezvous that turns passionate this weekend!

Cancer: A cultural or spiritual activity inspires romance at the beginning of the week. Think exotic when planning an outing. Your career is energized mid-week, so promote your projects and assert your ideas. You’ll be unusually outgoing in love as well. The New Moon accelerates socializing and brings romance and other opportunities through friends.

Leo: Your soulfulness deepens intimacy at the start of the week. A touch of fantasy can heighten passion as well! Romance brings fun and adventure mid-week. Also, love can be found during a class or cultural activity over the next few weeks. The New Moon inspires a leisurely interlude in a natural environment this weekend.

Virgo: A sexy encounter with your partner fires you up at the start of the week. If you’re solo, love can be found during a friendly gathering or artsy activity. Passion turns hot mid-week, when your deepest feelings (and secrets?) are revealed. Feeling vulnerable may be an issue, though. The New Moon brings out your naughty side this weekend!

Libra: Your helpfulness and unique style inspires love at the start of the week. A contretemps mid-week with your partner clears the air, which launches a round of twosome activities over the next few weeks. If you’re solo, you can attract someone compatible. The New Moon deepens intimacy and heightens your creativity in the boudoir!

Scorpio: You’re a magnet for romance at the beginning of the week, when the urge to have fun can make you antsy at work. The heat continues to escalate over the next few weeks, although a clash of wills (about sex? money?) can irritate you on Wednesday. The New Moon energizes your partnership sector this weekend, making it easier to attract someone wonderful.

Sagittarius: Creating a stylish ambiance and throwing a party (for two?) can energize you at the start of the week. Focus on creating a spiritually inspiring space. Your wild-child comes out to play on Wednesday and sets passion ablaze over the next few weeks! The New Moon brings romance through a healthy activity or work project this weekend.

Capricorn: Your way with words attracts love at the start of the week. A trip can ignite a romantic interlude, too. The urge to entertain inspires you to beautify your home over the next few weeks. Family interactions are also energized. The New Moon accelerates romance this weekend, if you can avoid argumentativeness on Sunday.

Aquarius: A heartfelt gift or gesture revs up romance at the start of the week. Share your deepest feelings to accelerate love. Taking a trip sometime in the next few weeks can energize you and attract/inspire romance as well. Flirting kicks into high gear mid-week! Also, promoting your ideas can pay off. The New Moon inspires some entertaining (for two?) at your abode.

Pisces: The Venus-Mars conjunction in your sign makes you the center of attention at the beginning of the week. Promote your creativity then, too. Romance beckons mid-week, but you’ll need courage to pounce. A moneymaking opportunity may beckon as well during the next few weeks. The New Moon inspires love through words this weekend, so express yourself!

Aries: Love blooms in a serene environment at the start of the week. Your intuition is especially keen. Venus and Mars entering your sign accelerate your powers of attraction over the next few weeks! If you’re already involved, plan some fun with your sweetie. A gesture of appreciation during the New Moon calms the confrontational vibe this weekend.

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