Your LOVECAST™: Work Puts a Damper of Passion

Work puts a damper on passion at the start of the week. However, romance takes center stage during Thursday’s Full Moon in loving Libra, so plan a mid-week rendezvous. Venus entering Pisces on Saturday gives love a soulful glow throughout the weekend.

Week of April 6 – 12, 2009

Aries: Although you’ll be a workaholic at the start of the week, Thursday’s glorious Full Moon lights up your partnership sector, so focus on expressing what’s in your heart. A business partnership is also favored. The weekend, however, is all about passion, so plan an intimate tryst and let your wild-child out to play!

Taurus: Romance has a serious vibe at the beginning of the week, when irritations can bring out your beast – and not in a good way. Thursday’s Full Moon, however, inspires your creativity, both in and out of the bedroom. Focus on creating the perfect ambiance for love. By the weekend, you’re feeling sultry and ready for a steamy tryst!

Gemini: A pesky family member or home project may get on your nerves at the beginning of the week. Fortunately, the delightful Full Moon on Thursday illuminates your romance sector – it just doesn’t get much better than that! This weekend, your wit and style will draw as many admirers as you could possibly desire.

Cancer: Focus on sharing your expertise at the start of the week. Thursday’s Full Moon gives you the urge to entertain, so plan a gathering of friends at your abode sometime this week. Or if you’re in the mood for love (and we predict you will be!), create a sexy ambiance for two. The weekend will be especially hot.

Leo: Finances can be the source of aggravation with your sweetie at the beginning of the week. Some straight talk about money can clear the air. However, the Full Moon on Thursday inspires a more flirtatious way of communicating, which becomes steamier as the week progresses. By the weekend, you’re craving something spicy!

Virgo: At the start of the week, you’ll either get kudos for your perfectionism or drive others nuts from detail overload. You’ll lighten up considerably during Thursday’s Full Moon, however, which brings out your sophistication and makes you out of reach for all but the most worthy of admirers. Some naughty flirting will heat up passion this weekend!

Libra: The start of the week may bring a bout of low self-esteem, so focus on your strengths and expertise. Fortunately, you’ll be ready to shine during the mid-week Full Moon, which illuminates your considerable charm and brings love to your doorstep. A passionate show of feelings revs up romance over the weekend!

Scorpio: You may feel dissatisfied about your social life at the start of the week, which can prompt a weeding out of negative people who demand your attention. Socializing soars, however, during the Full Moon, but you may also get the urge to stay inside and cozy up to your sweetie. This weekend’s Scorpio Moon brings out your lusty side!

Sagittarius: Career responsibilities can dampen your normally jovial nature at the start of the week. Fortunately, Thursday’s Full Moon heightens the fun factor and makes you the center of attention in your social circle. Networking can pay off professionally, too. During the weekend, love blooms by revealing your deepest feelings!

Capricorn: Your business acumen can advance your career at the start of the week. Thursday’s Full Moon mixes business with pleasure – networking with colleagues can land you a work project and perhaps a romantic interlude, too. Friends bring out your adventurous side this weekend, although your sensuality will crave something more intimate!

Aquarius: Your analysis of a business project or relationship brings valuable insights at the beginning of the week. Feelings, however, will be chaotic. The Full Moon on Thursday reveals a window to your future, so heed your intuition. Also, romance may come from afar. Love challenges you to quiet your brain and go with your instincts this weekend!

Pisces: Your relationship requires a grounded approach at the beginning of the week. The Full Moon, however, is all about intimacy – of the cerebral kind. Use your eloquence to inspire love, which may lead to more physical activities. Venus entering your sign on Saturday heightens your powers of attraction this weekend (and beyond).

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