Your LOVECAST™: Feelings are Unusually Chaotic

A Mars-Jupiter conjunction in friendly Aquarius revs up socializing during much of the week. Feelings are unusually chaotic on Wednesday. Over the weekend, friends and group activities can bring some startling insights about your life.

Week of February 16 – 22, 2009

Aries: Your need for adventure makes you unusually restless on Tuesday and Wednesday. Being physically active will help burn off the excess energy. Evaluating your career goals is encouraged toward the end of the week, but avoid taking drastic measures. Friends and group activities bring romance and other opportunities this weekend!

Taurus: The week begins with a stormy vibe that can turn into an emotional avalanche by Wednesday, so try to stay centered. Emotions deepen on Thursday, when your intuition is especially active. Your wisdom guides you in love (and in other areas) on Friday. An unusual activity or locale inspires romance this weekend, so access your eccentric side!

Gemini: A fun-filled rendezvous brings delight on Tuesday, but relationship complications arise on Wednesday. Avoid going to extremes in your views about love. Blocks to intimacy can make romance challenging on Thursday, but Friday brings insights about those issues. A foreign ambiance or cultural event can rev up romance this weekend, so be adventurous!

Cancer: Your naughty side comes out to play on Monday. A work project can bring a romantic interlude on Tuesday. An erratic coworker or work situation may throw you off balance on Wednesday. A stormy tryst turns passionate on Thursday or Friday. Your need to experiment in the boudoir (toys? games? role-playing?) when passion heats up this weekend!

Leo: Throughout the week, envisioning what you want from a relationship will help you manifest luck in love. Monday is complicated, but romance accelerates on Tuesday. Your wild-child disrupts romance on Wednesday. Love needs a grounded approach on Thursday and Friday. Your sense of fun energizes togetherness this weekend, especially on Sunday!

Virgo: Flirting accelerates passion on Monday. A homey encounter deepens love on Tuesday, but you’ll need to watch out for love’s stumbling blocks (intimacy, time or commitment issues) on Wednesday. Your mystique makes you irresistible (and hard to get) on Thursday. Discuss commitment on Friday. Your quirky side heightens romance over the weekend, so be original!

Libra: Passion accelerates throughout the week, but your desire for freedom can make it difficult to settle down. Words from the heart attract or deepen love on Tuesday. You’ll likely be drawn into an argument on Wednesday. Feng shui your home to energize romance and prosperity on Thursday or Friday. Playful creativity accelerates passion on Saturday and especially on Sunday!

Scorpio: This week is all about beautifying your home and improving communications with your family. Monday brings either passion or moodiness. Expressing appreciation heightens love on Tuesday. A disagreement about money may arise on Wednesday. A deep discussion brings insights on Thursday or Friday. Entertaining at your abode can bring a delightful surprise this weekend!

Sagittarius: Expressing your feelings accelerates romance on Tuesday, but a sudden change of feelings (yours? theirs?) can upset love on Wednesday. A clash of wills over money may arise on Thursday. Discuss practicalities with your sweetie on Friday. A mix of flirtatiousness and wisdom (while on a trip?) inspires romance this weekend.

Capricorn: Your sensuality inspires a romantic interlude on Monday. An outdoor rendezvous can bring delight on Tuesday. You may feel out of sorts on Wednesday, so take some quiet time to get centered. Your magnetism and expertise draw admirers on Thursday and Friday. Revealing your uniqueness and expressing appreciation will heighten romance this weekend!

Aquarius: You’re feeling willful on Monday. Friends and group activities bring joy on Tuesday. Socializing can get you into trouble on Wednesday, so choose your companions carefully. Take some time alone to recharge on Thursday. A quiet tryst for two can heighten intimacy on Friday. Your charisma, vision and braininess make you a magnet for admirers this weekend!

Pisces: Your intuition is especially active throughout the week, so listen to your inner voice. Intimacy soars on Monday! Be courageous in love on Tuesday. Try to avoid being drawn into other people’s problems on Wednesday. Friends bring fun (and complications?) on Thursday and Friday. Use your imagination to create an unusual rendezvous for two this weekend.

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